New Code NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification with Michael Carroll

Course Overview
Attend this exclusive NLP Coaching course with top NLP Trainer from the UK, Michael Carroll and learn the skills that the successful coaches employ to achieve high level results with their clients.

Pre-requisites: Foundational Module NLP Core Skills or previous NLP Practitioner Certification from an accredited institution.


At this course you will learn the effective processes of Coaching with New Code NLP so you can really help the people you work with make a difference in their lives and businesses. This is no ordinary coaching course; this course is for people wanting to be extraordinary coaches who get extraordinary results. This course is for you if you are serious about learning how to apply NLP in a coaching context and enjoy the many rewards of being an NLP coach in the business world or working on a one to one basis with individuals.


New Code NLP and Coaching
New Code NLP features the latest work of NLP co-creator John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. Michael Carroll joined forces with John and Carmen to further develop and promote New Code NLP Coaching courses internationally. You will learn directly from Michael Carroll how NLP works successfully in the coaching environment. NLP Coaching has the distinct advantage over typical left-brain style coaching as it utilises unconscious processes to enable the client to congruently achieve the objectives established in the coaching plan.

NLP offers coaches the ability to tailor selected interventions to take into account the client’s unconscious mind where both resources and incongruities are present. As an NLP Coach you will learn to use language models as a means to provoke non-verbal (unconscious) responses as well as eliciting relevant information as an integral part of the coaching experience. The ability to move quickly and eloquently from a well-defined perception of the challenge facing the client to a set of metaphors and processes to stimulate the unconscious and harness its extraordinary ability to find effective and creative solutions, is an essential component of a coach’s tool set that you will learn to use at the course.

Top coaches know that clients rarely arrive with a well-defined set of objectives. The clients that have listed their desires have rarely refined their thinking to the levels of specificity necessary for an action plan. To address this you will find the NLP useful in the manipulation of representational systems including sub modalities, the deployment of the multiple verbal models of specifications and the delivery of effective metaphors, highly beneficial. As a part of your learning experience you will be able to use non-linear challenges and New Code NLP processes to create significant behavioural change for the client so they can easily accomplish what they set out to achieve.

NLP Coaching is very different from other forms of Coaching. NLP coaching is process coaching where the coach deploys NLP patterning for the client to find their solutions from their resources. The NLP coach uses tools and patterning that taps into the power of the whole mind using patterning that works with the conscious and unconscious mind.


You will learn

The NLP Process applied to executive coaching

  • Moving on from the pure left brain style of coaching
  • Responding systematically in non-verbal responses without tailored interventions
  • Utilising and manipulating natural anchors


The Language Styles of the Coach

  • Provocative language styles to stimulate a non-verbal response
  • Elicit specific information as an integral part of the coaching experience
  • Precision Model and Verbal Package
  • Metaphors to stimulate the unconscious to assist the client’s creative solutions


How to Help the Client Set Direction

  • Representational System manipulation
  • The use of ‘attention’ to accelerate the client to take action
  • The use of tasking to help the client set his/her own direction


New Code NLP

  • The New Code NLP distinction
  • New Code games to create change
  • New Code state intervention processes for moving on from negative states
  • Calibrating subtle almost undetectable unconscious signals
  • Recognising and working with the incompatible split between conscious and unconscious movements


The Coaching Relationship

  • Doing what it takes within the ethical boundaries of the relationship
  • Being clear about the ethical boundaries
  • The role of Coach
  • How to avoid client over-dependency


Framing, Process and Evidence in Coaching

  • Setting the original frame and how to frame the ongoing processes
  • How to ensure your clients KNOW they are responsible for their own success
  • Gaining clarity with evidence of success
  • Understanding outcomes


After this course you will have a package of NLP coaching tools to enable you to help clients set a direction in their lives and create change. The major premise of coaching is enabling the client to access their natural resources to raise their game. The NLP coach does not impose, the NLP coach facilitates. The major benefit of attending this course is the success your clients will experience. That is the ultimate win/win situation.

Successful candidates will be awarded the following certificates

Certified New Code NLP Practitioner by ITANLP (signed by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carroll)
Certified NLP Coach by NLP Academy (signed by Michael Carroll)


Next Program:

NLP Core Skills with Simon Wong (Foundational Module)
Dates: 7 – 11 September 2011
Investment: S$2,000
Early Bird: S$1,600, (save S$400) valid till 31 July 2011
Venue: Academy @ Gallery Helios, 38 Petain Road, Singapore 208103

New Code NLP Practitioner and Coach with Michael Carroll
Dates: 27 September – 2 October 2011
Investment: S$2,800
Early Bird: S$2,200 (save S$600) valid till 31 July 2011
Venue: Singapore, to be advised

Investment for Core Skills + New Code: S$4,800
Early Bird: S$3,800 (save S$1,000) valid until 31 July 2011


About the Trainer

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by NLP co-creator John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair.  He also holds a BSc in Psychology. Michael is the Founder and Course Director of the NLP Academy and a founding member of the international Trainers Academy of NLP.  Michael creates a collaborative learning environment where the interplay of conscious and unconscious learning processes fully harness the potential of each learner on a course. He has a unique style using metaphor, humour, questioning, and elicitation of altered states. This makes a course with Michael a profound learning experience flowing into every outlet of your life. In the words of his clients he is a “training genius”.

Michael Carroll is a fascinating character, who makes an impact on all those he meets, and has certainly made an impact on the field of NLP. When he entered the field, Michael found the general quality of NLP and the depth of learning experiences available disappointing. As part of his mission to reset the standard, he sought out John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and has worked closely with them ever since. The ongoing goal is to develop and deliver courses that accredit quality Practitioners, Master Practitioners. NLP coaches and Trainers of NLP and offer personal and corporate excellence.


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