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Free Talk: Biotherapy – Clinical Bioenergy Treatment with Ivan Roca Tuesday

3 November , 2015 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am SMT


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Complementary healing methods have been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1976 when a need arose to push forward scientific boundaries. This paved the way for the development and enhanced reputation of new approaches to healing using bioenergetic principles.

Clinical bioenergy treatment is a scientifically tested method of bioenergy healing which has been applied with success for 40 years. Today it is applied throughout the world as a serious and highly structured energy healing practice.


In conjunction with conventional types of therapeutic medical techniques, biotherapy is effective across a broad spectrum ranging from prevention to cure of all physical and mental illnesses.

The bioenergy treatment is a powerful, non-invasive and simple means of energy healing with a beneficial effect regardless of age or condition treated.

Biotherapy is complementary and supplementary to all other medical and ‘alternative’ therapies, even though, in many cases, it is much more successful and efficient.

  • no use of chakras (so called energy centers) and meridians (energy channels)
  • direct application to organs and tissue through automatic cell to cell communication
  • no religious and spiritual background
  • no side-effects
  • noninvasive; patient is softly touched or treated without touch
  • objective medical results
  • complementary with all other western-eastern medical and alternative medical therapies
  • easy application without special conditioning of the mind and body


This short documentary is about biotherapy from the perspective of biotherapists and patients who have undergone energetic treatments for various diseases.
The biotherapists Ivan Roca and Veljko Jurki explain the basics of energy healing modality from the scientific point of view and from their experience.
The nonprofit organization “Nosce te ipsum”, of Zagreb, Croatia, produced the film to draw attention to the advantages of modern bioenergy healing as a clinical method.



“Ivan Roca’s biotherapy treatment was my first contact with the whole new perspective of the world around me – and I could say that it was the crucial moment in my healing process. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and doctors told me there was no possibility of curing it. Ivan Roca told me that there was. And not only that, but he helped me to form a team of quality therapists which are hard to find in that huge market of alternative medicine and among numerous self named healers.
Thanks to all that, I’ve dedicated myself to explore ways of participating in my healing process, instead of just letting the doctors do their job. I started to take control over my thoughts and my actions and within just a few months of both medical and biotherapy treatment I had completely unexpected results and almost no side effects of chemotherapy. I couldn’t say if it was due to biotherapy only, since I was trying various alternative approaches at the same time, but I believe in one thing: it was mostly due to a general switch to another perception which Ivan Roca started in me. His love for sharing the truth he believes in opened a whole new world for me and I thank him for that. Without that switch I sincerely doubt that I would be alive and well today.”  ~~ Š.T., 40, metastatic breast cancer Zagreb, Croatia, EU

“In my opinion, having worked with several energy systems, biotherapy produces results within a relatively short period of time because it focuses on boosting the immune system and the body achieves homeostasis. It appeals to people as it does not have any spiritual connotation nor is it reliant on the belief system of patient.  People come with real health issues often considered incurable by conventional medicine. Or they have symptoms but doctors can’t figure out the pathology nor a disease name for it. Some notable results are removal of peanut allergies, disappearance of HIV virus, shrinking of tumours, all proven by medical tests before and after treatments.”  ~~ Chan Cudennec, Sol-Wellness, Hong Kong

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Nosce Te Ipsum
Biotherapy seminar and pilot research on Rangsit University in Bangkok Thailand



Date and Time:
Tuesday, 3 November 2015 10.00 am – 11.30 am
Wednesday, 4 November 2015 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm
Venue: Gallery Helios, 38 Petain Road


Please text or call Siewfan at 94598262 or email Siewfan.Wong@GalleryHelios.com for enquiries


For Biotherapy treatment with Ivan Roca in Singapore  in November 2015, please click here.


IVAN ROCA is Croatian biotherapist, currently based in Bangkok, who is practicing bioenergy healing last 7 years professionally in his own bioenergy clinic in Zagreb, Amsterdam and Bangkok. In last seven years his center gave treatments to 7.000 people from all around the world.

Ivan Roca (43) is a Croatian biotherapist and lecturer of biotherapy. He has been practicing biotherapy professionally for 9 years in his own bioenergy clinic in Zagreb and Bangkok. He is also a visiting therapist in Hong Kong, Zurich and Amsterdam. In the last nine years his center has given treatments to more than 8.000 people from all around the world. He has treated many chronic and acute medical conditions and ailments with great success. His mission is to spread knowledge about bioenergetics as a pure medical tool without spiritual connotations and pseudoscientific traps.


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Biotherapy is complementary and supplementary to all other medical and ‘alternative’ therapies, even though, in many cases, it is much more successful and efficient. After therapy, you should not discontinue medication or other treatments or medical procedures prescribed by your doctor. Only clinical medicine can confirm improvement and make further decisions in conjunction with the patient about continuing or discontinuing treatment.The information presented on our website is not intended replace any medical diagnosis, prescription, cure or treatment. We recommend that you consult qualified health professionals for any physical and psychological conditions you may have, or suspect you have.


3 November , 2015
10:00 am - 11:30 am SGT
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