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Mentastics® | Rediscover Pleasure Through Movement

28 April , 2018 @ 10:00 am - 29 April , 2018 @ 6:00 pm SMT

Do you live a life of stress & tension?

Do you spend hours sitting or standing at your job?

Do you often feel overwhelmed or exhausted to do what you would love to do?

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Would you like to learn a simple way to feel lighter and more fluid, experience more effortless movement, be present, and to enjoy a more grounded and balanced life?


Mentastics® is the self-care component of the Trager Approach® that was created by Dr Milton Trager to reinforce the freedom and quality of movement and the calm mind experienced during tabletop sessions.

Mentastics use simple, natural, and free-flowing movements to release deep-seated patterns, the core philosophy of Trager Approach. Doing Mentastics movements allows you to experience pleasure in the body and movement, sensations that may have been difficult to access due to pain and limitations. Once this feeling of spaciousness is experienced, it can be recalled and anchored again. Incorporating Mentastics into daily life provides you with a powerful way to feel relaxed and grounded.

Mentastics is a term coined together by Milton and his wife Emily, combining “mental” and “gymnastics”. (Milton was an athlete and gymnast as well as a medical doctor).

When you move, you engage the mind with questions – how does this feel? How would it feel if it were lighter? Suggestions, of lightness of example, can produce these feelings in the body. This muscle-mind connections helps you move comfortably and naturally. Effortless.

In this workshop with Jessie Kuipers, you will use movement to explore sensations of personal ease and lightness of mind and body as well as to deepen your inner awareness and feeling. Each day you will focus on different regions of the body such as the head and neck, waist and belly, diaphragm and mid-back and feet and legs. The variety of movement in the repertoire Jessie will show you will allow you to easily integrate Mentastics into your daily life to release tensions and stress.

    • Warm up the body and connect it with a quiet observant mind to gradually sink into a safe hooked-up group environment and to expand the repertoire of movement experiences.
    • Through inquiry, you will play with specific qualities of movement. Some questions may be – how does my body like to move, what is the weight of my arm feel like, how could it be more fluid, easier, lighter, and more free, less serious.
    • Identify and try on specific movement and non-movement sequences to understand the restrictive patterns in the mind and body
    • Learn to see more clearly the subtleties of movement restriction
    • Discover ways to unhook these patterns through standing or sitting touch interventions, verbal suggestion, movement exploration, and attention.


Mentastics Workshop

28 – 29 April 2018
10.00 AM – 6.00 PM
1-Day $250 | 2-Days $440

Facilitated by Trager Approach Practitioner & Instructor Jessie Kuipers

This workshop requires no prior experience with Trager Approach. Please come dressed comfortably. If you wish, you can also bring a change of clothes. If you have any specific concerns, such as an injury, please let Jessie know before the workshop

For more information please contact Kah Keh at KahKeh.Ho@GalleryHelios.com or +65.9679-3706.



About Jessie Kuipers

Jessie is the founder of the Trager Approach movement in the Netherlands. As the only practitioner there at the time, Jessie was and continues to be passionate about sharing this modality that has transformed her life as well as the lives of countless people around the world. For Jessie personally it was a deep integration between her physical body and psyche and a spiritual experience that touched her deeply on all levels.

A practitioner since 1995, Jessie knows she can heal herself and she helps people experience this truth through the Trager Approach. The wisdom is to become more conscious and attentive and to listen to the signals the body sends.

Based in the Netherlands, Jessie travels around Europe and Asia for personal sessions and workshops.



28 April , 2018 @ 10:00 am +08
29 April , 2018 @ 6:00 pm +08
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