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Unified Field Soul-stice Advance Weekend – Breath and Sound

25 June , 2016 @ 10:00 am - 26 June , 2016 @ 5:00 pm SMT

$360 – $660

Saturday, 25 June 2016: Unified Field Breath
10am: Seminar 1. Fundamentals of Tantric Breath (Tibetan, Yogic & Shamanic)
3pm: Seminar 2. BreathLight Advanced Experience

Sunday, 26 June 2016: Unified Field Embodiment – Sound
10am: Seminar 1. Vocal Harmonic Empowerment
3pm: Seminar 2. Sound Medicine and World Instrument Download

The intention for this event is to provide a safe & loving space for each participant to clear the past, expand the heart, activate emotional intelligence & align all their bodies from within. Each individual choosing to work with Mikael King will experience some of the following: authentic happiness, peace of mind, unconditional love, compassion, understanding, intimate connection, radiant health, spiritual sensuality, play, laughter, sacred heart awakening, self-mastery application, & fulfillment of purpose through 2 Days of Unified Field Embodiment.

The Unified Field is a quantum physics term for the state in-between time & space that goes beyond the trappings of the Egoic Mind. Other similar descriptions of the Field are: Zero Point, Emptiness/Awareness, and the tantric word “Dzogchen”.

Tibetan Vajrayana refers to this luminous state of being in complete non-dual awakened formlessness as “Dzogchen” or the “Great Perfection”.

Human beings are bio-holograms projected by coherent light & sound. We arise from and are sustained by the unified field of temporary phenomena from masculine to feminine, yin to yang, dark to light, breath to breath and birth to death.

As Rumi eloquently states,

“Beyond ideas of Right Doing & Wrong Doing, there is a Field, and I will meet you there.”



Deepening into the Theory & Practice of Living in the Unified Field, Participants will learn:

  • Fundamental & Advanced Breath Techniques.
  • Practical Sound Application.
  • Emptiness/Awareness Practices to sustain, thrive, and sensually embody the Unified Field in their daily lives.
  • Experience the Embodied Tantric Bliss of Unified Field living.



Saturday, 25 June 2016 – Unified BREATH

10.00am Breath Seminar 1
Fundamentals of Tantric Breath (Tibetan, Yogic & Shamanic)

Learn the fundamental tantric tools of Breathing through Tibetan, Yogic Pranayama & Shamanic Breathing Practices. With over 18 yrs of conscious breathing practices, Mikael will share foundational practices to increase your pranic/kundalini/chi energy by breathing intimately within the unified torsion field. By exploring different postures & breathing meditations from several wisdom traditions, participants will activate their conscious sensual breath. All participants will:

  • RELEASE stagnant mental patterns & past programming
  • EXPLORE the Tantric Breath with more confident expansion
  • ENERGIZE dynamic states of kundalini chi energy rising
  • DOWNLOAD ancient simple techniques to bring more balance, peace, sensuality and clarity.

Mikael feather

3.00 pm Breath Seminar 2
BreathLight Advanced Experience

This interweaving, sensual, wavelike breath energizes, transforms, relaxes, provides clarity, and increases your ability to remember ancient DNA memory visions and manifest your fullest potential purpose. Unlike the traditional yogic pranayama breath control methods, this Shamangelic process focuses on a continuous rhythmic breath-flow.

In this advanced seminar, participants will incorporate somatic spinal body movement with the Tri-Level Breath wave process to ascend into deeper states of awakened body consciousness.

  • AWAKEN inner vitality, compassion, sensual aliveness, and total self-love.
  • INTEGRATE Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit, open up, and connect to your fullest potential self.
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and juicy creative inspiration for your overall life-path.
  • BLISS OUT in a calm, relaxed, and deeply peaceful (trance) state.


“The BreathLight Experience with Mikael has been the Greatest Gift I have ever given myself.”- MAKANA (Award Winning Hawai’ian Singer/Songwriter)

“The BEST Light-gasm Ever!”  -Shauna C., Nelson, Canada


Sunday, 26 June 2016 – Unified SOUND

10.00 am Sound Seminar 1
Vocal Harmonic Empowerment

For thousands of years in the east and still to this day, the Tibetan, Tuvan, and Siberian people have practiced the ancient art of Deep Throat, Overtone Chanting. It is a spiritual indigenous tradition transferred down orally from generation to generation, enabling the succeeding lineage to connect with their Signature Sound Encoded Consciousness in a sacred authentic way.  Not only does the empowerment awaken channels to receive higher information but it also opens the throat chakra, clears the subtle bodies, and aligns the entire chakra system in the body.

In this sound empowerment practice, Participants will:

  • RELEASE discordant mental patterns that hinder perfect connection to emptiness/awareness.
  • BALANCE the emotional body by creating harmonic tonal frequencies.
  • CLEAR stagnant or stuck physical energies in the belly, heart, lungs, throat, and brain.
  • DEEPEN into transformational sound and its vast healing capabilities.
  • DISCOVER ancient practices that will allow the personal signature sound to strengthen, flourish, and blossom.

Mikael instru

3.00 pm Sound Seminar 2
Sound Medicine and World Instrument Download

Tibetan Sound Medicine is a special ceremony & celebrational journey of sacred world music traditions. Connect through sound & song with voice, body, heart and Spirit. Sound Medicine with Mikael is a blissful sound awakening combining live sacred music, pure natural sound, group mantras, voice and color therapy.  Each Sound Medicine Transmission is a uniquely peaceful blessing & powerful experience combining Mikael’s Tibetan deep throat chanting, heavenly overtones & various sacred instruments:

  • Crystal Bowls,
  • Han Drum,
  • Didgeridoo,
  • Chimes,
  • Native flute,
  • Sacred World Chants,
  • Andara Crystals & Auracle Colour Therapy




Mikael profile
Mikael King

Mikael King is a Sacred Sound Master, BreathLight Founder, MU Star Jewelry Designer, Ecstatic Dance DJ and Documentary Film Maker. Since the inception of his DivineJoy.org Global Ministry in 2005, He has led and co-facilitated life-affirming events all over America and the Islands of Hawai’i. He has led in-depth trainings, seminars, ceremonies & experiential retreats internationally in Japan, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Bali, Brazil and Singapore. He is a certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Instructor and Ecstatic Dance DJ known as Mikki MU. He has lived in Mt. Shasta, Kaua’i and since 2013 resides currently in Bali.

Over eighteen years ago, Mikael awakened to the enlightened heart sovereign path when he returned from a “near life ending, eternal review” Pacific Ocean drowning experience. The divine message received was simple, ”Serve Planet Earth by assisting Humanity to Consciously Shift, Embody their Fullest Potential, and Remember who they are and why they have incarnated.”

Since that moment, he has journeyed to over 36 countries, studying, learning, counseling, facilitating, initiating, dancing, playing, surfing, activating and awakening the sacred heart codes for thousands of fellow human beings into the inherent truth of living in the Unified Field Magic of DivineJoy MU Presence.

Mikael has also co-created a documentary film, “NEW EARTH DESTINY” inspired by the Anastasia Russian Eco-village movement that has inspired thousands to start eco-villages around the world and take their enlightened heart sovereign power back with Mother Earth Gaia. You can watch it “Free” on YouTube by searching the title.


One Day Workshop S$360
Both Days Workshops S$660
Soul-stice Package: All Unified Field Workshops S$1199

Weekend 25 & 26 June 2016

10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Loose comfortable clothing e.g. yoga gear. Participants will stand, sit and lie down on the floor.


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25 June , 2016 @ 10:00 am SGT
26 June , 2016 @ 5:00 pm SGT
$360 – $660
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