Feeling like a bad mom, Enneagram Type Six

These are statements I crafted based on a client who was feeling like a bad mom, for taking the time out to work on her own emotional well-being, and in the framework of the Enneagram Type 6. And you can adjust, add or subtract anything you like for your personal use.

Please tap daily, either morning or evening, making sure that in each day, you find some quiet time for yourself to do this.


1. Please start the tapping with the point under your left shoulder (Reset Button), do 3 rounds of the following statements.:
“I have a basic fear of of being lost, without orientation, without support and guidance.
I have a basic desire to find a trustworthy orientation so that I can be secure and supported
But in my heart of hearts, I know that my essential nature is Awakeness, Inner-Wisdom, Inner-Guidance
This is just my ego experiencing itself in my personality. BUT I am more than my ego, I am more than my personality, I am more than my emotions, I am more than my thoughts. I am life beyond boundaries. I deeply and completely love and accept myself, I forgive myself, and anyone else who contributed to this situation.”

2. Now just do normal tapping, also 3 rounds:

These are the statements that reflect the emotions, and you can change or add as you feel. Just don’t do too many at one time or you might feel overwhelmed:

“I feel guilty all the time. I feel like a bad mother, I’m not really here for the kids.I feel guilty about taking time out for myself.
I feel ashamed, not good enough, I need to be perfect – I’m my own worst critic
I feel abandoned, unsupported, unprotected, overwhelmed
I feel trapped and I want to run away but I can’t
I am tired of feeling this way. I am struggling with a cocktail of emotions that is not really helping me. I am reacting all the time with attachment and aversion, I’m tired of all this. I have no control. The problem is NOT what is happening to me, it’s what I’m THINKING about what’s happening to me, and what I am FEELING about what is happening to me.”

“I now choose to focus on the solution rather than the problem, and to change from the forced wakefulness of my ANXIETY to the relaxed INNER-GUIDANCE within. I now choose to know that working on myself, and ensuring that I am the best that I can be means that I can be there for my kids. I’ve been running on an empty tank for a long time. Now it’s time to put petrol in the car, so that I can be FULLY PRESENT to my life, available for my family, they are my guidance and support, just as I am their guidance and support. I appreciate myself for getting the help I need, and doing the work so that I can be better.”

3. Now do 3 rounds of this affirmations to get in touch with your true nature:

“I choose to trust in my steadfastness, my foresight
I choose to be in touch with
my quiet mind
my inner guidance
my mindfulness, groundedness
I choose to appreciate myself for being courageous and daring to face my issue. I respect myself for the journey that I am going through
I choose to express my inner sovereignty, my strength and fortitude
I choose to experience the STILLNESS, CALM and COURAGE within.”

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