Dorn Method

Developed 30 years ago, the Dorn method is named after the man that developed what has become one of the most popular methods of treating back pain and back related ailments in Germany. It is a non-invasive and non-manipulative holistic treatment that works by aligning the vertebrae and thus supporting the meridians, as well as energy centres, that are found down the length of the spine.

The spinal cord is an extension of the brain, sending nerve impulses to control and to coordinate the function of every organ, system and cell in the body. Therefore it is easy to understand that any misalignment of the spinal structure leads to an impaired information exchange between the nervous system and the body. Often not only physical but also psychological imbalances are connected to a misaligned spine.

The Dorn Method Process

The Dorn Method is a gentle therapy to realign vertebrae and joints. It is applied during active or passive movements of the client, which causes a reduction of muscle tension and supports the movement of the vertebra/bone back in its original position.

According to founder Dieter Dorn every imbalance in the spinal structure is aggravated by a difference in leg length. The treatment starts with the correction of a functional difference in leg-length and a connected inclination of the bony structure of the pelvic area.

Subsequent to it the spinal column is checked for misalignments from bottom to top; any findings are addressed immediately, with the client’s pain level always being the guideline for the therapist. Discomfort and problems in various joints are addressed after realigning the spine.

The therapist might end the session with a short BREUSS Massage to regenerate undernourished discs and to help the spine in its detoxification process afterwards. It can also precede a session when a high level of tension in the spinal area will prevent a smooth muscle movement during the treatment.

Self-Help with the Dorn Method

To help the body memorizing the correct position of vertebrae and joints/bones the client will be instructed to practice certain exercises at home. This daily practice is essential for the long-term success of the treatment; it supports the body in its self-healing ability and the client’s responsibility to actively take part in his healing process.


The Dorn method is proving especially popular with many people not only for its success rates but also because it applies laws of physics and anatomy, and combines the efforts of both the practitioner and the patient. It is non-invasive and painless procedure but it can help cure a whole host of physical ailments that are caused by a misaligned spine.

Becoming A Dorn Method Practitioner

While the method is becoming increasingly popular thanks to word of mouth and greater exposure on the Internet, there are still a limited number of Dorn method practitioners around the world. The greatest concentration is found in Germany where it was developed. By becoming a trained Dorn method practitioner you can help to alleviate pain and cure back and posture problems by helping and working with the patient to realign the spine.


Practitioners: Antoinette Biehlmeier, Mukhtiar Singh