Regression Therapy

With regression therapy it is believed that a patient’s physical or psychological suffering may be caused by a significant past incident. While the patient may be unable to remember the incident, because it is buried in their subconscious, it may be the cause of their current suffering.

Common Symptoms
Symptoms can vary from physical impairments such as a bad back or headache to more emotional or psychological problems such as depression, fears and phobias.

Common physical manifestations include headaches, aching joints, and other chronic physical ailments or unexplainable pains.

Negative behaviour, unexplained reactions to everyday situations, and depression are some of the more common emotional problems that may stem from an unresolved incident in the past, or even in a past life.

Typically there is some correlation or relation between the incident responsible and the current physiological ailments.

Past Life Regression Therapy
Regression therapy initially aims to determine the goals of the patient and then to regress the client back through the past to locate the specific ordeal that is the root of their problems. Once this is done, the therapist and the patient can work to rectify the problems.

The Role Of The Regression Therapist
The regression therapist will first of all consult with the patient in order to determine their objectives. Does the patient have a specific physical or psychological problem that they wish to resolve? Do they feel that something is holding them back in relationships or in the advancement of their everyday life? Answering these questions may be the first step to recovery.

The therapist then guide the patient through subconscious thoughts and memories in order to identify incidents that may be causing problems in the present. By guiding a patient in this way, the regression therapist can help patients to rebuild their lives and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why Use A Trained Therapist?
Using a trained regression therapist ensures that the patient is able to explore their past in a safe and relaxed environment. The therapist will usually employ hypnotherapy as well as guided imagery or visualisation techniques that might normally be associated with some forms of meditation.


Practitioner: Antoinette Biehlmeier