Spiritual Regression

As we travel through life many of us naturally tend towards the question of why we’re here and wonder whether we’re fulfilling that reason. Some say it’s a symptom of our mortality that we ask these questions. As we age and therefore travel further through life, those questions certainly become more prevalent. Through spiritual regression techniques it is possible to explore our past life deaths and to experience what it’s like in the spirit world; to answer those burning questions we ask in our everyday lives.

What Is Spiritual Regression?
Spiritual regression specifically deals with the journey from death into the spirit world and back into a new incarnation. You retrace your souls journey, once again experiencing what it is like to be an immortal soul. Remembering oneness, reconnecting with other souls that have been with you on a long journey through the ages, sharing your earthly experiences for other souls to learn.

By re-identifying your spirit guides and communicating with them you can find the answers to all of your questions:
Who are your soul group members and what are they here to teach you? What qualities do you bring with you from other life times to support your current life’s journey? What other life choices would have been offered to you and why did you choose this particular body for this life’s experience? How far have you come in your spiritual quest, what are the challenges you are facing in this life and what are the lessons to learn? One of the most profound experiences is usually a meeting with your spiritual council to discuss your soul’s journey, life plans and life lessons and your spiritual progress.

The Benefits To You
Through spiritual regression it is possible to find greater inner peace, a sense of knowing that you are taking the right steps and heading in the right direction. You can use the information that you gain in order to help you rise to challenges and overcome obstacles that are put in front of you. Essentially it enables you to see the much bigger picture and to translate that bigger picture into actions in your everyday life.

The Role Of The Spiritual Regression Therapist
A spiritual regression therapist can guide you through your past lives and deaths. They typically do this using hypnosis techniques and by guiding you rather than leading you. Consulting with a spiritual regression therapist can prove to be the first and most important step towards a more spiritually complete you.

What To Expect
A trance induced super-conscious state is reached through guidance by a trained, professional spiritual regression therapist. This state can be described as being a heightened sense of awareness; a sense of awareness that is filled with love and joy and it doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime experience – it can be a whole lifetime experience.

Spiritual Regression Therapy
Training as a spiritual regression therapist means training in the art of deep hypnosis. It means being able to help others attain the same heightened level of consciousness so that they too can experience the spiritual joy of being completely aware and having all their questions answered.