Nusthesia™ Workshop: Manifestation and Healing in the 21st Century

Gallery Helios and Allied Science and Technology Limited are happy to present a special workshop (THIS MAY BE THE ONLY ONE EVER TO BE HELD IN SINGAPORE – By Special Request Only) with Prof. Ir. Dr. James Wong, President of the Institute of Energy, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics, and the inventor of Nusthesia™.

Nusthesia™  is a recent breakthrough in the science of the vibrational energies that affect all life on Earth. This exploration will take us on a journey from the re-discovered lost science of the ancient Egyptian Radiesthesia, to the latest application of the Hawaiian problem solving Ho’oponono tradition, as well as the missing link in our ability to manifest the reality we want. Radiesthesia is the science of using vibrational fields of the body to access information about animate or inanimate objects by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using special instruments, to decode this information.

Topics to be covered in this workshop include:
• The Lost Science of the Ancient Egyptian Radiesthesia
• Practical Holistic Methods to Vibrationally Test and Balance any Person, Place, or Object
• Discovering Ho’oponopono and Manifestation.
• Original Research by Prof. Ir. Dr. James Wong.
• Forces Affecting Life on Earth: Altering Potentials
• Realising Ideas and Intentions from Beyond the Zero Field

Takeaways from learning Nusthesia™
• Paths to Cultivation
• How to Maintain and Enhance Our Own Energy Fields
• Influence the Surrounding Energy field in Our Space
• A New Way to Improve Relationship, Health and Well-Being
• Manifest Ideas and Intentions Successfully
• Bring Abundance and Well-Being into All Areas of Our Lives
• A New Perspective on Our Relationship with the Universe
• Overcome Self-Sabotage and Other Obstacles to Manifestation

“Nusthesia is definitely powerful, but relatively easier to grasp. The fusion of Hooponopono with Radiesthesia is indeed a genius “making” by Dr James. I experienced quite a number miraculous moments applying Nusthesia in healing, towards people or otherwise. I am so blessed to have learnt such a wonderful way to go beyond “zero”. None should missed this chance to understand more the relationships amongst all beings in {the universe}. You would certainly be amazed.” ` ~ Cynthia, Hong Kong

Date and Time
Tuesday, 19 January – Wednesday, 20 January 2016
10.00 am – 5.00 pm

S$4500 per person
Early Bird S$4000 ends 31 December 2015

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James Wong Prof. Ir. Dr. James Wong, the inventor of Nusthesia, is a Chartered Engineer and acoustics scientist. Educated and worked in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, Dr. Wong is one of China’s experts in acoustic research. He studied Acoustics at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He has extensively applied the principles of acoustics, electronics and nanotechnologies to solving complex problems for the military, government and private sectors. He has a number of design patents in building components, heat exchangers, and acoustics products licensed to manufacturers. He worked in the Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department’s Policy Group and Management Group. Dr. Wong also worked on advanced applications of sustainable concepts in the agriculture, housing, manufacturing, energy and transportation sectors. Dr. Wong has also invested and participated in music and performing arts productions. Since 2012, Dr. Wong has become a Professor of The American Conservatory of Music, teaching Pythagorean Musical System.

Dr. Wong brings an extensive background in the science and physics of acoustics in the areas of architectural acoustics, especially acoustic in theatres and concert halls. He held seminars in various topics including Science and Spirituality, Acoustics, Alternative Energy Systems, Energy Medicine, etc. in the Hong Kong University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Architectural Departments as well as the HKUSPACE and overseas educational institutes. In addition, Dr. Wong has served foreign assignments in Korea, Philippines, England, Austria and China. Dr. Wong is the Founder and Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Energy.



The information presented on our website is not intended replace any medical diagnosis, prescription, cure or treatment. We recommend that you consult qualified health professionals for any physical and psychological conditions you may have, or suspect you have.

Healthy Oil Free Cooking

Joining Gallery Helios is nutrition consultant and health writer Mayura Mohta. She will be offering individual sessions and workshops, both in-house and for corporate venues.

A proponent of a plant-based diet, Mayura also believes in moderation. She knows that hardcore or sudden changes in habit do not work for most people. For them, she advises a 80-20 rule of thumb. 80% healthy and conscious eating, at least for the general public. The key is choosing nutrient-dense (not calorie-dense) foods.

Why wait for the extremes, as seen with former President Bill Clinton. You may have seen his dramatic weight loss but it wasn’t for vanity. After his bypass failed, Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn Jr (world renowned Cleveland Clinic), along with Dr Dean Ornish (NPO Preventive Medicine Research Institute) consulted Mr Clinton on a plant-based diet to stop the progression of his heart disease.

Based on the research of Dr Esselstyn Jr, Mayura co-authored The Heart Smart Oil-Free Cookbook. It was a love of labour for two years as chefs, nutritionists, and doctors both in Singapore and worldwide were consulted for the book. Recipes from vegan chefs, including Singapore’s own Original Sin, were collected. They were road-tested by Mayura and lab-tested by the Singapore Heart Foundation. Some, like local recipes that were a little heavy on the soya, were tweaked to meet nutritional standards.

These are good and tasty recipes and all ingredients can be sourced locally. In fact, eating locally and seasonally is important but as Mayura pointed out, we are lucky Thailand is so close for our durians, mangoes and other fruits and foodstuff.

So to clear up some confusion and to get some tips here are some questions we asked Mayura:

What is a vegan diet?
That is a diet that includes no animal products. The diet is based on plants – legumes, beans, greens, lentils, grains…no fish, no eggs, no dairy.

People say olive oil and avocado oil are good for us…are they not good when they are cooked or just not good for us at all?
For heart patients specifically and for people who tend to have obesity or excessive weight gain, no oil is the policy. You can have a bit of nuts and seeds – raw. Even if you don’t soak them, as long as the nuts and seeds aren’t toasted.

So I see it as two-fold – knowing you have to make a healthy choice and getting what you want on the go or when you are working 10 hours…what would you advise?
There are a lot of options in Singapore. Things like wraps are good. But you can also have our local foods. We have lots of brown rice and vegetables in the food courts. The Singapore government is initiating healthy eating and most food courts are now required to serve brown rice.

Smoothies are also a good choice – it’s a meal in a glass. There are many smoothie recipes in the cookbook.

Speaking of smoothies, what’s a good one?
Broccoli, pineapple, lime, orange…You have add seeds and nuts, if you want. You can have a banana, almonds, …You can put in agave or dates, apricots – anything naturally sweet. I normally pre-soak what I want to use. I use goji berries – any berries – they are good for antioxidants. I soak my seeds and the dried fruits for about 1/2 hour. Chia seeds and flaxseeds get soaked. So you can soak these and add them to your smoothie to increase the thickness.

If I give the seeds to my kids, they won’t have it. So normally I put the flaxseeds and chia seeds in smoothies. Because the chia seeds are grinded in the smoothie, this is good for kids. They don’t mind. This is a nutrient-dense meal so I’m happy as a mom.

(It’s important the blender doesn’t overheat. The enzymes get denatured.)

I think breakfast is the most difficult meal for many people…what do you suggest?
Oats, grains – unrefined cereals and top it with apples.Pineapples and papaya, with digestives enzymes, are also okay. But other fruits is not good to mix. Combining food is very important. No fruits for 1/2 hour before other food and 2 hours after – that’s the golden rule.

So.. in summary – eat breakfast, have many small meals during the day to sustain a constant level of energy, be a smart consumer, choose nutrient-dense foods, separate your fruits from other foods, stock healthy foods and eat at least two hours before sleeping.

80/20 because we still have weddings, parties, and dates to go to in real life.

Mayura Mohta is a Singapore-based nutrition consultant and a health writer. She is a qualified fitness and wellness coach and has an academic background in biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional science.

In 2010 Mayura founded Healthfriend, a social enterprise that combines her love for health and fitness with her desire to contribute to community welfare.

Mayura believes in prevention and reversal of disease through a plant-based diet. She has co-authored “The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook” which is launching October 2012.

The Five Levels of Healing

Dr. Klinghardt was on a spiritual trip to India in the 1980s and discovered from a yogi the 5 levels of healing in Ayurveda and Yoga. Over the years, it germinated and bloomed into the understanding of healing that he teaches today. This is a system which is generally familiar to most naturopathy and complementary and alternative practitioners. This is also an approach that I have been taking The other test we use is to see if the issue needs to be addressed from the physical/structural level, personal ecology level, emotional level or energetic level. Aren’t there some of you to whom I say “Sadhana” or the M-word, Meditation… O:-> ?

For the full article and video introduction, visit the Klinghardt Academy.

For more on the Ayurveda System check out the DeepDive? BookStore’s Ayurveda recommendations.