Body-Mind-Soul Tarot Readings

Tarot is a wonderful way to bring awareness from our subconscious. If you are at a crossroads, facing a challenging decision, want to understand more about the patterns in our life, or to gain more self-knowlege, perhaps a Body-Mind-Soul Alignment tarot reading with Adrienne Tan is for you.

For Adrienne, divination is sometimes based on feeling, whereas the Body-Mind-Soul Alignment Method is to use the card spreads and ask further questions from the querent to analyze the cards to find more solutions and options for the querent. Sometimes our intuition can be restricted by our thought patterns and limited knowledge around certain issues. Using tarot lets you see different points of view. Greater self-knowledge is to enhance our wisdom to do the right things to create a better future. Tarot is guidance to bring awareness to our subconscious. Tarot can bring understanding and strike balance between the subconscious and conscious and let us make better choices in life.


Sunday, 17 June & Monday, 18 June 2018
60 minutes $150
75 minutes $200
90 minutes $250

For further information or to book your session, please contact Kah Keh at or +65-9679-3706 or Adrienne at +6012-223-6798.

About Adrienne Tan

Adrienne is a self-taught tarot card reader who is very passionate about this mystical yet very practical divination tool.

For the past 28 years, she has been using the Universal Waite card deck which is the most well-known Tarot deck. This deck uses archaic and traditional symbols to depict virtues, vices, elemental forces, and together with the simple and elegant use of its imagery and meaning, these cards are able to capture and illustrate the meaning of a person’s challenges at hand.

It is through this deck of cards that Adrienne provides an insight to numerous clients with options and guidance at crossroads in their life or to provide an overview of the possibilities ahead.