Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues”` Yogi Bhajan


The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga (Awareness & Fulfillment Yoga)

Health: Our body systems are cleansed and strengthened, enjoy more vibrant health and energy !

Opportunities: Elevated attitudes to unleash our ability to manifest and draw opportunities to us. Access our special talents and operate from our highest potential !

Purify: Cleanse our physical, mental and emotional bodies, release sabotaging attitudes and beliefs, acquire new habits and behaviors !

Enlightening: Happiness, Clarity, Creativity, Focus, Inner Peace, Intuitive knowing, Higher Awareness & much more !


When : Every Saturday Morning, 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Where : Gallery Helios, 38 Petain Road, S(208103)

Sign up for 10 sessions now at $300 (U.P $350) No expiry date

For registration contact Shirley at 9199 2684 or email Shirley.Namaste@gmail.com

Classical Hatha Yoga Tuesdays

Classical Hatha Yoga by Sivananda trained teacher

Breath control is central to yoga.
Both asanas and pranayama provide excellent training for the breath, which increases vital energy and fine-tunes the nervous system.
There will be final relaxation at the end of every session. This will bring about a complete physical and mental relaxation, which is a key experience of yoga.
Classical Hatha Yoga

Every Tuesday
7.30 – 9.00pm
Normal pricing: $35 per class or $200 for 8
This is an open level small group class

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga, the “yoga of awareness” rocks, moves, and dances from your heart to your soul, bringing you to a meditative state almost instantly. This is a dynamic practice that is designed to promote energy flow in all of the energy channels of the body, but it is most concerned with the energy channels that flow along the pathway of the spine. Using repetitive rhythmic exercises and breathing techniques convert stagnant spinal energy to vibrant creative awareness. Mantra, music, and meditation are woven into the practice, enhancing focus and courage to maintain the movements. Emerge from the class feeling renewed and radiant within.


Who is this for?
Beginners and those who are practicing Yoga now
Who are flexible and those who are Not flexible as well ?!
Who need to exercise, breathe and become healthy
Who want to understand, increase their energy level
Those who want to laugh, sweat, celebrate life and have a good time


When is this class starting?
Dates: Fridays starting September 23, 2011
Time: 7.30 – 9.00pm
Venue: Gallery Helios
Energy Exchange: $250 for 10 sessions
(Sign up for at least 6 sessions for $25 per class. Individual class is $30.)
Capacity: 8 pax
Instructor: Adam Fazlur


How do I register for this class?

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Who is Adam Fazlur?

Adam Fazlur

Adam Fazlur has been fascinated with human mind and spirit since young. In a twist of fate, he returned from a career in Europe and his inner voice told him that he had to take a different path in life. This lead him to many teachers, swamis, healers and gurus. It was a journey of 15 years, now Adam is a qualified Yoga and Meditation instructor who has studied from different teachers of Meditation and yoga traditions from India and abroad for adults & children . He has been sharing the teachings of Meditation and Yoga for the past 8 years regionally. Currently, he is teaching at holistic centers, Art to Living Foundation, schools, corporate companies and individuals. He has conducted meditation and breath awareness workshops to more than 70 companies and to more than 2500 children in Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Singapore.

“My mission is to create a stress free, violence free society – to remind each and everyone that life is a celebration and we are here to live , love care and share with a Smile.” Adam Fazlur

Meditation and Yoga Demos, talks  and workshops  conducted  recently,


  • National Health of Mental Health
  • IRA “movement and breakthrough “
  • Library – Bukit Merah and Orchard on Yoga and Well being
  • Health and Wellbeing Confernce in Singapore Expo
  • Mendaki  – body creative expression
  • Jurong Island – PCS , Celanese and SPC
  • Rotary Club – Serangoon Gardens
  • NUS Alumni for AU and S.E.A History Faculty
  • Health and Wellbeing  Conference in Singapore Expo
  • Singapore Indian Chambers and Commerce in Baker Rd
  • Woman Congress in Merituis Mandarin Singapore
  • CMPB Mindef Singapore  in Dover Rd
  • Sunlove Home in Chai Chee
  • Sembawang the Ashram – Drug Rehabilitation
  • Family Day – OFS  in Paterson Rd
  • GRC Town Council – CDC West Area
  • Schools – Jurong, Bendemeer, Pioneer Sec, Concord Primay, CHIJ–Kellock,  Whitesands Pri, Delhi.P.S , Global Indians’ Bhavan  and  Overseas Family School


Media :

Vasatham Central TV interview on Yoga Feb 2009
Interviewed  in Straits Times July 23 2006 on Yoga
Lifestyle Magazine  Apr 2006
Parents Magazine  Apr 2005


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