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Gallery Helios

Gallery Helios is a boutique space conceived by a group of like-minded teachers and practitioners in the fields of mind-body wellness and people development. We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling human experience, that means living healthily, happily and authentically in the world grounded in our deepest truth. We provide a welcoming and healing place to support this journey.


Gallery Helios is where the art of people helping is augmented by the science of method.  Gallery Helios is housed in a conservation house tucked away in a quiet enclave near the MRT station. In this discrete space practitioners collaborate to provide coaching, training and therapeutic solutions, simultaneously and at multiple levels as needed, so that you can progress quickly from strength to strength.


Client Services
We specialise in providing clients with best of class services in these areas:


  • Executive Coaching, Team Performance & Organizational Design Consulting
  • Life Coaching & Personal Performance: Career, Relationships, Sports, Studies, Work-Life Balance
  • Emotional Challenges: Anxiety, Phobia, Depression, PTSD, Anger Management
  • Physical Conditions: Allergies, Pain, Mobility issues, Wellness
  • Workshops, Certification Classes, Conferences and Retreats


Therapy or Coaching Space Sharing for Practitioners

If you are a practitioner of coaching, CAM therapies and you are looking for a community of like-minded practitioners, click here.



Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to see you soon.

Siewfan Wong
HP: +65-9459-8262
Email: Siewfan.Wong@GalleryHelios.com

Ho Kah Keh
HP: +65-9679-3706
Email: KahKeh.Ho@GalleryHelios.com

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