Mohd Rashidinz

Dr Mohamed Rashidinz, PhD, ND, MNSc, BNSc(Hons) is a Naturopathic Doctor trained and registered in Australia. He also has a background in Traditional Malay medicine, a modality he has been practicing for 25 year both as a student and a teacher in the region.

Dr Rashidinz treats issues such as
Children’s issues
Intestinal dysbiosis
Erectile dysfunction
Chronic pain
Chronic backaches, migraine
Stress / burn out

Besides the above, his current focus is in therapeutic support for
Cancer recovery
After-Stroke therapy
Male health

His training in various forms of healing/treatment modalities allows him to combine treatment for the best possible.

Dr Rashidinz teaches Naturopathy and Traditional Malay medicine to students from Asia and Europe. He conducts regular training in Malaysia and Singapore. He is also frequently interviewed in the local media especially on Malay Medicine.

Herbal Medicine
Cranial Sacral Therapy
The Dorn Method
Traditional Malay medicine
Jabat Urat
Applied Kiniesiology

Singapore: +65 8229 5143
Malaysia: +60 12 734 6932

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