Ricardo Neuman

Ricardo Neuman is an expert bodyworker and therapist of 30 years. He is skilled in a range of mind-body therapies including structural bodywork, myofascial release and biodynamic cranial sacral therapy. Ricardo has worked in clinical, wellness centers, and private settings. He has also been a trainer and spa director in one of Asia’s environmentally-conscious spas. Now based in Koh Samui, Thailand, Ricardo also offers his services in various countries in the region. These are the 2 modalities Ricardo is offering at Gallery Helios.

Somatic Therapies work with the body’s innate intelligence, connecting with the various levels of our bodies (fascia, nervous system, postural, energetic, and spiritual) and of our healing. With the physical body, Myofascial Release therapy can release old adhesions from surgery or injury, lengthen tissues shortened by sitting or postural issues, range of movement improvement and reshape the body for greater structural balance. Relief from pain, a feeling of lightness, and being able to regain or achieve greater range of motion are the goals of this approach.

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy works very gently with the structures of the central nervous system and the energetic flows within and through the body. It can help with head and spine trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep problems, and energetic blocks, among other conditions. Every session is individually tailored to your situation and usually includes an educational component to improve long-term results.

“When I saw Ricardo for my session, I had no pains or soreness to sort out. I mentioned my history of areas that often tightened up which would most time, lead to some pain if I trained too hard or incorrectly. Within 60min, he transformed my body & I knew he fixed my old whiplash. I’ve done plenty of great massages which I recommend my clients but Ricardo’s intuitive work is magic. I would recommend Ricardo to anyone who has chronic pain or injuries from traumatic accidents as I believe he is one of few people who can truly release them from their pains or discomfort.” – Wany Misban

“Ricardo was incredibly effective helping me with releasing the tension in my jaw within two sessions. The tension was been there for years! He is highly intuitive and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who requires any body work.” – Fiona P.

“Ricardo is a marvel. My body felt 10 years younger after the treatment.” – Iris Tay.

Fees: S$180 for 1 hour / S$240 for 1.5 hours.

Contact Siewfan Wong,  text or WhatsApp +65 9459 8262 to book your session.

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