Academy @ Galley Helios, Centre for Mind-Body Studies is the training and certification arm of Gallery Helios. It’s mission is to produce high quality courses with local and international trainers in the area of mind-body connections.

Certification Courses
NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification Course by Simon Wong
NLP Master Practioner Certification Course by Simon Wong
NLP Core Skills by Simon Wong
New Code NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification by Michael Carroll
Certified Chios Practitioners’  Course – Level I and II by Siewfan Wong
Certified Chios Master Teacher Course – Level III by Siewfan Wong

Workshops and Seminars
DeepDive EFT by Siewfan Wong
DeepDive Enneagram by Siewfan Wong
Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Introduction

Other Events
Feldenkrais – Functional Integration (FI)
Feldenkrais – Practice Sessions