NLP Core Skills

Course Overview

This course is a five-day intensive program taught by ITANLP trainer, Simon Wong to prepare participants with foundational and practical knowledge and experience to begin using NLP core models. This course can be taken as a stand alone module or as the foundational module for New Code NLP Practitioner and Coaching certification.

The Core Skills are the formats that were originally created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in their modeling of geniuses . These formats are the core models for human excellence, change and communication. It is these models that attracted psychologist, educationist, leaders, doctors to NLP.


Course outcomes

For the participants to be able to use the NLP core skills to:

  • Recognize personal excellence and use it to achieve personal goals.
  • Identify clear outcomes and achieve it easily
  • Access high performance states
  • Work through challenges of self and others
  • Facilitate changes in self and others for more effective living
  • Enhance communication skills through NLP language models
  • Communicate persuasively using NLP format of change.

During this course you will learn:

  • Calibration: how to detect subtle shifts in others non verbal behaviour
  • Epistemology: how human beings unconsciously organise how they know what they know
  • Representational systems: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic processing styles and how to utilise and influence in each system
  • Rapport: how to enable and maintain deep rapport with other people
  • Micro muscle mirroring: non verbal patterns of influence
  • Submodality interventions: using the structure of internal representations to create change in others
  • Anchoring formats: Helping self and others access and trigger states of excellence and use the states in situations there have been challenges
  • Milton Model: Hypnotic style language for every day effectiveness
  • Meta Model: Syntactic questioning to ensure precise communication


Next Program:

NLP Core Skills with Simon Wong
Dates: 7 – 11 September 2011
Investment: S$2,000
Early Bird: S$1,600, (save S$400) valid till 31 July 2011
Venue: Academy @ Gallery Helios, 38 Petain Road, Singapore 208103

New Code NLP Practitioner and Coach with Michael Carroll
Dates: 27 September – 2 October 2011
Investment: S$2,800
Early Bird: S$2,200 (save S$600) valid till 31 July 2011
Venue: Singapore, to be advised

Investment for Core Skills + New Code: S$4,800
Early Bird: S$3,800 (save S$1,000) valid until 31 July 2011

For more information, please contact
Suurjiyt Tulsi at or call Suurjiyt at 6396 3871.
Simon Wong at or call Simon at 9634 7530.

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