NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a potent mind and behavior change tool which is useful for management, sales, psychology, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

It is a pragmatic discipline that allows you to unlock the structure of human perceptions, communications and personal excellence.

Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP

Classic Code NLP is the original work developed by Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler throughout their partnership. Classic Code NLP is what most other NLP companies refer to as NLP. New Code NLP is the latest development from NLP co-creator John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and includes powerful, yet easy to use processes for NLP change work and personal evolution.


NLP-COACH is distinctive not only it uses the latest NLP tools by John Grinder but it also incorporates other coaching practices that are proven to be highly effective. This ensures that as an NLP-Coach you practice the art and science of a coach with the clear intention of helping the client to be more effective.

Coaching has become widely accepted as an important management tool. It has proven to be effective in helping executives to become more effective in their role and responsibilities. A manager/coach has the advantage of harnessing his team members to raise their productivity and creativity. An NLP-Coach is poised suitably and confidently to undertake this role. There are models such as Disney Creative Model to bring out the creativity. In addition, coaching at multiple levels such as coaching at the level of Identity is very useful and effective for high.


About this NLP training course


This course provides 12 days of rigorous NLP training. It is designed to equip you to become a highly effective coach. Like a great leader this title is earned. A highly effective coach is a priced talent. Be it you are a CEO, manager or an independent coach, the value of a highly effective coach can be valued in excess of $500 per hour.

Many renowned coaches are NLP Practitioner too. This is because NLP has been training individuals to become “Agent of Change (AOC)” for the past thirty years. The skills of NLP agent of change are far more extensive than those of a coach as they are required to work with clients who require more than coaching. On the other hand the tools used by NLP agent of change are superbly suited for coaching.

The preparation to becoming a great coach begins with the development of the SELF. You will become aware of how you organize your thoughts and behavior and therefore become more effective in your work. You will also become aware of your beliefs and values in coaching and other associated identity. This awareness brings about personal change in thinking and behaviors and more importantly a sense of purpose in your journey.

This course is distinctive in developing you to become a highly effective coach by incorporating the latest NLP development by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP): NEW CODE NLP. NEW CODE NLP is simply faster and easier to use. There might be many teachers who conduct NLP training, but there few developments that can compare with New Code. Above all, it builds on the Classic Code NLP to enhance its effectiveness.


What else can this course do for you?

  • Manage your emotional state and lead a better quality of life.
  • Understand how you give meaning to events and form perceptions. This gives you choices to perceive the world differently and positively.
  • Allow you to experience the world in a more sensory balanced way and therefore enriches my life. Life is a continuous stream of experiences.
  • Update your personal history to provide more positive references than being hounded by significant past emotional experiences.
  • Change negative habits and replace it with positive behaviors.
  • Set compelling goals and have the internal resources to bring it to fruition.
  • Access personal excellence at will.
  • Able to connect with people easily.
  • Enhance your interpersonal communication skills.
  • Engage your unconscious resources to bring about improved behavioral flexibility, emotional states and future directions.

This course is ideal for:

Anyone intending to set up a coaching career or include coaching skills in their career.
Anyone who want to enhance their communication skills.
Anyone who want to enhance their intervention techniques.
Internal corporate coaches who are already coaching in their organization but want to deepen their practice.
Transformational coach who wish to have more tools and processes to effect deep changes for their client.
Teachers, parents, managers who want to augment their relational skills with their charges.

This would include:

HR Directors/Psychologist/Managers and Senior Managers/Training Managers/Internal or External Coaches/Consultants

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About the trainer


Simon WongSimon Wong is a certified ITANLP trainer. He has been conducting NLP training for six years now. He brings with him a rich fabric of commercial knowledge and experience from his 18 years background in various fields including Sales, Marketing, Regional Manager, Managing Director and Accountant. He has trained Psychologist, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Trainers, Executive Coach, School Principals, Consultants, Army Officers. He is an active Executive Coach. His clients include Private Banking director, General Managers, Sales Managers.