Testimonals: Breakthroughs

I cannot thank Siewfan enough for how she has helped me achieve some amazing breakthroughs. She is one of the rare few I know who is able to deal with issues effectively on a mind-body-spirit level.  Her diagnosis is often on-target.  She helps me get to my root issues with persistence.  Best of all, she is a therapist with great empathy and compassion.  I feel safe and secure that I am in good hands, whenever I see her for a consultation.  I highly recommend her services!

Evelyn Lim, Writer, Blogger, Life Coach and Mom

Testimonial: Surrogate Therapy

“The work you did with me which I was then able to pass onto my son had amazing results. While he started out swamped by all the conflicting advice and information about his course of study selection, literally overnight he suddenly became much more assertive and positive. I took him through the facts I had collected, being as detached as I could. He ended up sounding happy, confident and emphatically independent with his choices, coming to his own thoroughly sound conclusion.  I’m very relieved – thank you!” Kerry, Grateful Mom

Testimonial: Fast Healing, Valuable Insights

“Siewfan is an amazingly intuitive therapist. She has helped me at a time when I felt overwhelmed by all the conditioning, emotions, physical sensations and hundreds of life’s questions. With her spot on work I am now able to accept myself, deal with stressful situations more balanced and started to really appreciate myself as the wonderful being I am. If you want to start unraveling yourself, peeling all the layers off to find the real you I can wholeheartedly recommend Siewfan to work with. I always look forward to each session I have with her, not only because I know that I will leave feeling settled and whole but also because her methods are so fast, addressing all levels of your being and always good for new, valuable insights.”  Tanya, Healing Practitioner.