Building Your Mental Resilience Through Effective Somatic Practice

How are you feeing with the changing Covid safety measures?

Are you feeling restricted, annoyed or disturbed by the uncertainty? By the implications for your health and wellbeing and that of your family?

How are your relationships, business and work performance? Have they been impacted? Are you feeling supported?

Or are you unsure what you are feeling?

If you are feeling numb, threatened or unmoored, you are not alone. In such unprecedented time, our emotional and psychological safety levels are acutely challenged. In almost every area of life, we are facing stress, limitation and information overload, all of which demand adjustments.

In recent years, we’ve come to understand the extensive impact of chronic stress on well-being. Most people experience low levels that we continually adapt to. The chronic nature is what wears us down, if we do not have the tools and support to adapt in a healthy way. We’ve read or been told, for example, to build our resilience. Many people are looking to effectively increase their mental resilience, yet have no idea how to. What is resilience, even?

Why increase our mental resilience?

Resilience is commonly thought of as “bouncing back”, like a rubber band; it is more than that. A rubber band that is repetitively pulled back without strengthening and conditioning it will eventually snap. Likewise, without building our resilience and resources and resting when required, the human body will eventually break down. Burn out is a common symptom. Getting up after falling down gets harder and harder if resources are tapped out, if you are mentally and physically fatigued.

How do we increase our mental resilience?

Addressing emotional and psychological safety effectively increases our mental resilience. We do this by down-regulating fight and flight mode back to our baseline and even lowering this baseline to a healthier level. Through the somatic practice of TRE®, we can naturally release pent-up tensions and challenging emotions. We can also complete our stress response to past events that, for a variety of reasons, we were unable to do. We have been, for example, taught what is proper behaviour, as an employee, as a child, as a partner, as a leader…We therefore have not allowed our body to naturally response to a stressful event or address the deep wound that can result and which remain in the body. These are triggers that can, for example, result in outbursts of anger that are not directly related to the current moment. You may start yelling at your child, not because you are angry at them. You are responding to underlying stresses, patterns and past wounds. We experience accumulated stress and trauma as aggression, irritability, conflict and dysregulated nervous system.

Why TRE?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises® is a set of innovative and simple-to-do exercises created by Dr David Berceli. They activate our natural reflex mechanism of shaking that calms the nervous system by releasing muscular tension. The muscular shaking is an internal neuro-physiological response that discharge stress.

They body can release accumulated stress patterns and relax when it feels safe. This is why TRE is taught by certified providers who are trained to supervise and ensure it is properly learned and practiced with self-regulation. A certified provider can also help with different “stuck” patterns, offer modifications to the exercises and support you to activate the tremor mechanism.

With practice, the body is encouraged to not only find balance; it also shifts to a healthier and sustainable baseline. TRE supports us to live an embodied life.

There is no need to re-live the trauma or challenging event or to discuss it. TRE is a self-help tool that does not require language and therefore can cross cultural barriers. In this way, TRE can help those who are too young to verbalize or individuals who may not seek help due to the private nature of what they are going through.

What does TRE Help –

  • reduces everyday stress, anxiety and tension, as well as symptoms of PTSD
  • improves mental and emotional resilience
  • reduces conflict within self and others and so improves relationships
  • facilitates trust and alignment
  • improves quality of sleep
  • increases mental clarity and flexibility
  • reduces back pain and muscular pain
  • promotes social connection and openness
  • engenders trust

Individual and Group TRE

Learn TRE in a group setting to increase your psychological safety. Each of the five session is 60 to 75 minutes and is capped at five participants.

Individual Session Options:

S$100 for one online session (trial only)

S$150 for one in-person session (trial only)

S$400 for a series of 5 in-person one-to-one sessions

Group Session Options:

S$100 for a series of 3 online group sessions (minimum of 4 people to start)

Group TRE series is facilitated by Cassandra Nadira Lee and Ho Kah Keh. You can book with either of them.


Cassandra Nadira Lee

Cassandra is an executive coach with 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the banking and FMCG industries, specialising in performance, leadership and transformation coaching. She designs, trains and facilities customised training programmes and is also a keynote speaker on business and leadership.

Backed by her wide-ranging business skills and experience, coupled with her multi-cultural exposure, Cassandra creates trust with her client with ease. She also believes in unlimited human potential. Upon the correct unleashing, everyone shines beyond their imagination and creates phenomenal personal and professional results.

Cassandra is an Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (ICF), Newfield Certified Coach (NCC™) and Certified Global Provider for Tension Release Exercise (TRE®). She is also trained in team coaching and emotional intelligence, thus amalgamating the holistic approach of body, emotion, mind and language in working with her clients.

Ho Kah Keh

Kah Keh’s passion for coaching led him to work with people from all walks of life on professional and personal goals. He draws on 20 years of experience in the Management of the Arts, Event Management and Brand Development. He has worked with hospitality including high-end retail, hotels and high net worth clients.

His training and experience as a professional stage performer, along with his work as a Certified TRE® Provider and interest in somatic connection, form the foundation of his voice work.

For enquiries or booking, contact Kah Keh via email.