In Conversation with Gennet Song

Gennet Song is an essential oil advocate who works with people to enjoy greater health and wellbeing and to discover their deepest passion in life. We speak with Gennet about how essential oils came into her life, the integral role they play in her own wellbeing and journey, and where she’s headed.

Gennet’s first workshop in collaboration with Ho Kah Keh at Gallery Helios is a “Get to Know Essential Oils” series in July and August 2018.  Join Gennet and Kah Keh and find out how to use essential oils from the pure fundamentals and their functional uses in all areas of your life.

Each workshop is $25, with an essential oil giveaway and the first evening is Tuesday 24 July 2018 from 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM.

How did you come to into essential oils?

Essential oils have been part of my life since I went to massage school in Australia decades ago. At that time, Aromatherapy was a “by-the-way I use essential oils in my massage”. It was more for aroma first, effect second. I didn’t really believe essential oils had any real therapeutic effect until I finally started using Young Living.

How are the oils part of your life?

I wake up to using oils after my morning shower to prepare for the day, I exercise and do yoga with oils, I meditate with oils, I “essential oil” myself in the car at red lights. Waiting for appointments, hanging out with friends, before a meeting, during one … Before bed!

Essential oils are my partner in health and wellness!

What’s your personal mission?

I get a kick out of watching people succeed at what they do, especially if I have in some way been a part of their journey or contributed to it. There is a sense of fulfilled achievement from playing a part. Through my Young Living business, I have the privilege to serve through my skills, experience and gifts.

What is something exciting you would like to see happen?

What would be exciting is for us to go one full circle and go back to our ancestors’ partnership with nature for healing and a toxic-free environment and lifestyle!

What are some of the different skills you have acquired over the years?

I love somatics, healing modalities and personal growth. My interests are pretty diverse so I have invested my learning from Reiki to basic horsemanship to being a Death Doula to animal wisdom. I love learning.

I think the NLP curriculum gave me a foundation to some of the people tools I have been using without working from within its framework. Kundalini Yoga instilled in me a sense of discipline and stillness. My Integrative Health Coach training excites me that healthy emotions is primary nutrition and food secondary, besides understanding the physical aspects of health. My Passion Test training is the cornerstone from which I create a safe space for people to get clear on what they truly want in life.

Which skills do you find the most relevant to you now?

The skill to create and hold a non-judgmental space for people on their life journey, either through the modalities of essential oils business, relationships or health challenges.

Do you see these “alternative” methodologies fit into or help with our circumstances?

I look for a language that those who come to me would feel comfortable with. I present them as complementary perspectives rather than alternative. My latest interest is Dr Joe Dispenza’s work which through science invites people to experience the so-called “supernatural” and the mystical.

What motivates you?

What motivates me – I recognise my worth and teach people to do the same. After all, I believe each of us want to be loved and accepted and to belong.

How would you explain or define what being on the path and self work means?

Being on the path is living my truth, who I am, unapologetically and respectfully and self work is recognising what my stuff is and taking responsibility for my growth and healing, in partnership with the Divine.

What does “living” mean to you?

Living means I’m fully vulnerable to the pain and challenges of being human yet fully embracing the divinity within which can at any moment surprise me.

Gennet Song’s life revolves around health, wellness and personal growth. Often seen as a seminar junkie on subjects related to holistic well-being, healing, body and emotional wellness and resilience, she is driven by her passion for learning and growth.

Her unique gift to others is her nurturing presence of stability and trustworthiness. She awes her audience with her communication presence of love, grace and passion that usually captivates and inspires them on a deep level. She now leads people to rediscover their true deepest passion in life and nurtures them on a holistic and transformational path of growth through a conscious business entity called Sparks of Life.

Gennet is a Certified Integrative Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, a Certified Passion Test Consultant for Business (Solopreneurs and Executive Leaders) as well as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.