Weight, Nutripuncture and Past Lives

I did 2 Past Life Regressions with Antoinette as I was interested in the subject and also to see if there were any answers to my current life challenges in the past. I had no issues building up a great rapport with Antoinette, as she is professional, genuinely caring, patient and concerned with providing a meaningful experience.

I have been struggling with weight problems most of my adult life and was able to address this issue and find the right level of determination in and after my second past life regression. I have lost 26kg since and am able to maintain the discipline to keep the weight off. This may have also been aided by the Nutripucture Therapy prescribed by Antoinette. Thank you, Antoinette, I am really grateful for all your help. You are a wonderful person and I am looking forward to continue to grow with your guidance.

Claudia A.

Vibrating with the Universe with Sounds and Oils

Regarding my Vibrational Raindrop Therapy sessions, Claudia Hofmaier’s subtle touch made me feel the space between the particles of the my body. Her hands moving along the spine lightly and at the same time going through the bones together with the combination of oils and sounds gave me the impressions of having my body expanding way beyond the frontiers of my skin. One hour of these wonderful vibrations left me in a state of total relaxation mixed with a feeling of joy and aliveness. I could say that the energetic vibrations of oils, the corresponding sounds and Claudia’s loving presence make each cells of the body sing a beautiful healthy song, thank you!

~ Dominique Gabella

Vibrational Raindrop Therapy uses 13 oils (12 Oils of Ancient Scripture and The Three Wise Men™) and tuning forks.

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The World of Enneagram

Dear Siew Fan,

I am pleased to share with you my experience of learning the enneagram… Eager to understand more about others for the purpose of connecting better to achieve better results has pushed me to pick up my first book about enneagram.

After entering into the world of the enneagram, I realized that it is more beneficial to have better self understanding, self awareness and to work on myself. It is possible to overcome my limitations to be a better person. After we shape up, we will be in a better position to inspire and influence others to achieve better results together.

I realized that after resolving my hidden childhood issues, I am now able to appreciate and better face my fears. I feel that I have permission to be important and to belong. I am able to see things from different perspectives given the same situation. This improved version of me will be more ready to see more opportunities, overcome limitations and have a better outlook in life.

Best Regards, Soo Ying

Testimonial: Help in a Crisis

I have known Siewfan since 2009. She was recommended to me when I was facing a difficult marriage decision. I was in a blur when I first met her. I did not understand the energy clearing and healing part of the session initially until I have had a few sessions thereafter to observe the benefits out of it. Siewfan has helped me straightened my thoughts and gain clarity in the mist of emotional turmoil and help me reconnect to my own wisdom. I was able to achieve peace as I proceed with my divorce. As I looked back, I could not imagine how else I would have gone through the crisis without living angels like Siewfan to assist me in living the life lessons I had to and thereby making it a little easier every step of the way. She has helped me through the worst crisis of my life ever and I am deeply grateful for that.


She has also helped my family and friends with deep emotional problems, especially my niece who managed to recover from her chronic bed wetting issue after just 1 session. I strongly recommend anyone who is seeking natural healing alternatives to approach Siewfan. There is no medication or religious influence, it is the most natural way to receive healing only if YOU want to!


Testimonial: Siewfan does not tell you what you want to hear

24 April 2010

Siewfan does not tell you what you want to hear.

She dives into your issues,
to put you back in touch with who you really need to listen to –
the voice in the deepest part of you.

Firm, compassionate, tenaciously thorough, she helps you identify the root causes of your physical, emotional, psychological symptoms and conditions.
Sharing generously of her expertise and experience, she equips you with a powerful arsenal of tools to enable you to take charge of your process.

Her unique multi-dimensional approach to healing on every level works.
This is my testament.

I have spent years strait-jacket by my limiting beliefs,
sleep-walking through an existence.
I have skated the surface of my problems,
ran from one treatment to the next, one health care provider to another.

Sessions with Siewfan changed that.

She has put me in a position to dig deep,
to unlock my inner wisdom,
and to acknowledge and accept the power and beauty of my true being.

Now, I am free to be me. Laughing, loving, learning, I choose to live full, live deep.


Legal counsel.