Postponed: The Enneagram of Object Relations and The Higher Mind | Russ Hudson 2020 | Thailand

Nakorn Pathom

In view of the Corona Virus outbreak, these events have been postponed. The new dates will be decided after this situation has settled.

The Enneagram is a useful framework for understanding who we are and what we are doing here. Rather than being just a tool that boxes us in, it takes us on a journey of revelation and transformation. The Enneagram helps us to understand our challenges and realise our full potential. It shows us a better way of being.

We are happy to host 2 Enneagram trainings in May 2020. The first unveils the subjective views of Object Relations that hinder us. The second deepens our experience of the Objective Reality of the Higher Mind.

The enthusiasm in 2019’s workshop (The Enneagram and Shadow Work) showed us that participants were ready to go deeper into the themes of the shadow and inner work. Therefore for May 2020 we decided to investigate a specific area of Enneagram shadow work, The Enneagram and Object Relations (Bangkok, 1 – 3 May 2020). In this 2.5-day workshop, we will learn how we create a false Subjective Reality by unconsciously fixating on the ‘loss’ and ‘lack ‘ relationships (Object Relations) we experienced in early childhood. By contrast, we will investigate the Objective Reality of the Higher Mind in the 5-day Inner Work Retreat (Nakorn Pathom, Thailand, 1.5 hours west of Bangkok, 6 -10 May 2020).

This series of events are designed for those who are interested in understanding our true nature and journeying to the deeper truths and the higher understanding of who we really are. They are useful for individuals interested in personal growth, and for coaches, leaders, teachers, and parents. Knowing the Enneagram or having done prior workshops is not a prerequisite. Having knowledge of the Enneagram could be an advantage to some, and a hindrance to others. Listen to Russ Hudson on the Enneagram Types here.

Unveiling | The Enneagram and Object Relations Workshop

Deepening Enneagram 2020 Asia with Russ Hudson

Deepening | Inner Work Retreat | The Higher Mind

Deepening Inner work Retreat Nakorn Pathom Thailand Russ Hudson

This retreat will focus on deepening our understanding and use of the Enneagram for personal transformation, in particular, the deeper qualities of the Higher Mind. This work is not only for Types of the Head Center. It will be an exploration of how we can live from a higher intelligence with the different perceptions of Objective Reality by the Higher Head Center, no matter what our Enneagram Type is.

The organisers are Siewfan Wong +65 9459 8262 and Paul Chan +886 916 466 015. The workshop and retreat will be conducted in English and there will be no translations.