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Full Body Awakening with Syv Bruzeau

5 June , 2012 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm SMT

Moving Resonance is based on the sound technique called Continuum coupled with movements. This meditative method is a very easy yet powerful tool to increase mobility and bring physical or emotional healing.

Using simple vocal sounds, vibrations are sent throughout your body and resonate at a cellular, bone or muscle level. This stimulates internal sensations and opens the body to movements. By using sounds with the breath and movements, we help your body to be more relaxed, flexible and to expand. Your mind becomes more focused and aware. And you get an amazing spacious sense of well-being! Moving Resonance helps you re-connect with yourself and the joy of moving.

What you can expect from a session:
-feel centered and grounded
-release physical tensions, blockages and pains
-release mental stress
-develop your body flexibility and increase your vitality (Moving Resonance is perfect before yoga or any physical activity, or for dancers to warm the body up)
-(re)discover the joy of awareness and of movements
-provide a spacious sense of well-being

Both a healing and creative process, Oneness Flow is a personal journey through the rhythm of your body and the Universe. It is a great way to connect with yourself, with others and with the surroundings as a oneness flow through your own and unique dance.

By letting go of your ego and daily consciousness, your body can find a new freedom in expression and in the way you perceive yourself. Oneness Flow takes you to a place where everything is possible again and where there is no judgment of right or wrong, where your body is not bound by any form anymore.

Through imagery and various conditioning techniques and exercises, you let your body be moved by your own memories, feelings and stories. You find a sense of playfulness and joy.

By bringing awareness into the body and away from your boundaries, you are able to connect to yourself, to release tensions buried in your body and mind, to reach and express your emotions; and eventually to transform everything into your own dance.

What you can expect from this movement form:
-discover the freedom of expressing yourself by exploring the space of your body, and the space outside of your body

-develop your awareness, feel connected to yourself and the others
-use movements to reach physical and mental tensions and to release them
-feel energized
-reach and express your emotions
-a sense of playfulness and joy

Both of these techniques are wonderful tools to awaken our full body potential by going beyond our self-limitations, to re-pattern our way of moving and self-perception and to ceate new pathways in our life. They help us to discover the healthy part of ourselves, to work with what is moving
instead of focusing on what is blocked or not perfect.
They restore our birthright sense of pleasure, movement and joy.

Oneness Flow and Moving Resonance require no dance experience

Dates: Tuesdays in June
Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Fees: S$100 for 4 sessions or $30 for each drop-in session
Instructor: Syv Bruzeau
Email: Syv Bruzeau for enquiries (tcheripachka@yahoo.com)

Born in France, Syv Bruzeau went to Japan after university to explore Asia and its culture and never left this part of the world.

She discovered Butoh while in Japan and studied it in the Himalayas and in New York City. She was mainly trained by Japanese Butoh master Lee Rhizome and also learned from Eiko and Koma, Katsura Kan,Tetsuro Fukuhara and Natsu Nakajima.

Syv also studied Continuum, Feldenkrais Method, Action Theater, Dancemeditation, Alexander technique and BMC applied in movement and attended a Dance Therapy Intensive Workshop organized by Antioch University of New England. She incorporates some of those learning in her movement sessions.

Syv Bruzeau also holds an NLP Certificate and Reiki Tumo I & II.


5 June , 2012
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm SGT
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