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Symposium: Your Digestive Health and Nutrition

8 September , 2012 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm SMT

“We are what we eat ” perhaps cannot emphasize enough how important a healthy digestive system is for our overall well being. We enjoy a digestive system that is functioning optimally, we do not, however take steps to keep it that way. More often than not, we take it for granted or even “abuse” it and then endure the consequences – indigestion, reflux, bloating, heartburn….. There are also links to between nutrition and emotions like anxiety, grief and anger. We may over-eat, under-eat, or crave certain foods depending on how we feel.

Spend an afternoon with us to explore nutrition and digestive health systems founded on age old traditions and new scientific discoveries; from  essential oils to Ayurveda, from naturopathy to Nutripuncture.


Your Digestive Health and Nutrition 

Date: Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time: 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Venue: Gallery Helios

Fees: $50

Capacity: limited to 30 pax




  • 1.00 pm Registration
  • 1.30 pm Introduction
  • 1.45 pm Essential Oils and Your Digestive System with Claudia Hofmaier, Quantum Feedback Specialist and Mind Energy Coach
  • 2.30 pm Nutripuncture: Restoring Vitality to the Digestive System with Valerie Marin, Director, Nutripuncture Singapore
  • 3.15 pm Ayurverdic Medicine and Nutrition with Vasanthi Pillay, Founder & President, Ayurveda Association of Singapore
  • 4.00 pm Tea and Refreshments
  • 4,30 pm Digestive Health and Energy Flow with Antoinette Biehlmeier, Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapist
  • 5.15 pm Your Gut and Your Health with Dr Mohd Rashidinz, PhD, ND, MNSc, BNSc(Hons), Doctor of Naturopathy
  • 6.00 pm End



A holistic approach to nutrition and digestive health


Essential Oils and Your Digestive System

Essential Oils were one of mankind’s first medicines and have been used for thousands of years for healing as evidenced from Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts. They are steam distilled from plants. This process of extraction preserves the life force of the original plants. An essential oil in a plant has a similar function as blood in our human body. They regenerate, oxygenate and provide immune defense properties.

Claudia Hofmaier will introduce specific essential oils that can support your management of conditions like bloating, indigestion, constipation and maintaining a healthy gut.



Nutripuncture: Restoring Vitality to the Digestive System

Nutripuncture is an innovative holistic and natural modality that uses trace mineral blends

  • to energize and balance the meridian system
  • stimulate the body’s innate ability to self-regulate,
  • maintain and increase vitality,
  • enable the body to optimally respond and adapt to stresses from our ever changing environment

It has long been known that minerals and trace minerals are essential to cellular life. The mineral complexes, used in Nutripuncture, stimulate the harmonious circulation of information in the vital currents in an incisive and almost immediate way.

Valerie Marin, director of Nutripuncture Singapore, will explain how to restore the vitality of meridians to support the digestive system with amazing results from liver / gall-bladder functions, to colon disorder, colitis, food assimilation, gastric dyspepsia or Crohn’s disease to name a few….


Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition

Ayurveda, known as the “Science of Life” is one of the oldest medical systems. It offers a comprehensive study on the value and effects of food on the human body.  The Ayurvedic concept of nutrition is based on the principle that food nourishes our body, mind and soul and is ultimately our best medicine.

Learn about the basic principles of Ayurveda in the concept of taste and nutrition, where food preparation and consumption requires love, harmony and positive energy, its medicinal properties, healing properties at physical, mental and spiritual level.

Vasanthi Pillay, Founder and President of the Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS). Will lead this segment and will also teach about cook a simple nourishing meal based on the Ayurvedic principles.


Digestive Health and Energy Flow

‘Emotion’ in its full form is “energy in motion”. For example, you might have heard about constipation being the physical expression of “holding on” to something, or experienced the effects of stress and what it does to your appetite and digestive system. Our body is an intrinsic system of energetic pathways, easily influenced by thoughts and emotions.

Antoinette Biehlmeier will introduce you to Finger Yoga, a simple way of addressing basic emotions like fear, anger and worry stored in the digestive system. Finger Yoga is a useful energy balancing technique that corrects energy disturbances and imbalances in the body-mind. It addresses both the emotional and physical aspects of the body at the same time. It can be used as a self-help technique or as a therapy to help someone else.


Your Gut and Your Health

“Death starts in the colon” is a popular notion in natural healing. The digestive system converts food into nutrition for use by the cells in the body. Trouble begins when the digestive system is compromised; and the digestion, absorption and elimination processes are mal-functioning. Improving the digestive system will result in better skin, better sleep, less toxicity and consequently higher vitality. Dr. Mohd Rashidinz will discuss the factors around maintaining optimal health by maintaining digestive health. Come and learn about improving our digestion systems through the use of natural and safe diets. Discover the important supplements that will improve our overall nutritional status and health.


Attend to our symposium on the holistic approach and come away with a new perspective to living healthy NATURALLY!

We look forward to seeing you. Please feel free to invite your friends and family. Places are limited to 30 persons. Please RSVP via email to Antoinette.Biehlmeier@GalleryHelios.com by Tuesday, 4th September 2012. 


8 September , 2012
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm SGT
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