Hega Schultz

Hega Schultz

Hega Schultz is certified systemic Coach specialising in the fields of career and business coaching for entrepreneurs. She holds an MBA and has more than 10 years experience as a CFO, business analyst and HR Manager and worked for MNC’s and small companies in various industries. Hega worked and lifed in Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam and is now based in Singapore.

Her coaching approach is very pragmatic and designed to help her clients to gain clarity about their career or business, their goals & dreams. They learn how to address existing problems and challenges, find suitable solutions and implement them. To do so she uses various coaching tools (NLP, EFT, provocative therapy, constellation, solution oriented  etc.) in combination with her extensive multi-cultural business experience and proven coaching techniques to help her clients to achieve greater success on the job, in their careers and their business.

Hega’s individual, customized coaching sessions are geared toward helping individuals and business ownerns to achieve transformation, leading to greater success in the workplace and in business.



Topics for Career Coaching

  • Performance improvement
  • Motivation
  • Career path
  • Goal setting
  • career change
  • work-life balance
  • job search
  • communication problems
  • relationship problems
  • and more


Topics for Business Coaching

  • business planning
  • business opportunities
  • goal setting
  • focus, direction and follow-through
  • motivation, procrastination
  • optimize finances
  • sounding board
  • work-life balance
  • and more


Formal Education:

  • Master in Business Administration, FH Offenburg, Germany
  • Certified Personnel Officer, Management Academy, Germany
  • Certified NLP Master Coach, German NLP Association Germany
  • Certified Systemic Coach, Metaforum, Germany
  • Certified NLP-Practitioner, Spectrum, Germany
  • Certified NLP-Master, Mindtransformation, Singapore
  • Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Singapore



  • Career Coaching (one on one, telephone, groups)
  • Business Coaching (one on one, telephone, groups)




Email: Hega.Schultz@GalleryHelios.com, hega@hs-coaching.com

Business Website: www.hs-coaching.com


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