Ho Kah Keh

Kah Keh Ho coach, musician, TRE practitioner Ho Kah Keh’s passion for coaching led him to work with developing leaders on a volunteer basis for over six years. Working with a premier transformational leadership company, he had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life coaching them on professional and personal goals over extended periods of time.

He currently co-owns his own training consulting company that provides language training targeted to provide productive employees in the service sector. His success in this endeavor rests on his commitment to developing the attitude shift that is required for transformation and success.

In his coaching Kah Keh draws on 20 years of experience in the Management of the Arts, Event Management, and Brand Development. He has worked with hospitality including high-end retail, hotels and high net worth clients, petroleum and petrochemicals, and the shipping sector. He also draws on his experience as a professional stage performer with an acappella group in Singapore where he explored the impact of commitment, attitude, and discipline on achieving goals.


Certified TRE Provider Ho Kah Keh offers individual and group sessions. He covers the basic mechanics of stress, how TRE helps, and how to do the TRE exercises to release tension and stress from the body.  He will lead you through the exercises and work with you to deepen this powerful way to build resilience.

Session #1 | up to 90min
Intro session via Zoom
* Background and information on Tension Release Exercises
* Discussion of desirable client outcome
* Sensing process

Session #2 | up to 90min
Learning TRE and practice (in person)

Session #3 | up to 60 min
Review and practice (via Zoom)

Fee : $100 per person for 3 sessions. This 3-session programme is to be completed within 6 weeks.*additional practice session $30 per person

Presenting You

Kah Keh and Ang Ai Nee are facilitating a new workshop, Presenting You. This multi-session workshop is to help you discover and speak in your authentic voice in any situation, social, personal or professional.

You will learn how to polish your technical presentation skills as well as how to work with your voice, with an understanding of the vocal mechanism.

Full details about Presenting You