Presenting You

Presenting You is centred on developing you as a presenter who engages the audience in your authentic voice. This programme is unique as it addresses both the external and the internal. It helps you to uplevel your presentation skills as a whole person. You will learn to reconnect with the parts of yourself that you probably lost or hid over time.

Presenting yourself is not about a slick presentation with all the bells and whistles. It’s not about how polished or whatever impression you believe you need to project. Or even just how powerful your voice is. It is the integration of your entire being. Body, mind. Physical, non-physical. Conscious, unconscious.

In this 3-session programme, you will learn the technical and practical side of presentations, including how to:

  • prepare your script and content with purpose
  • use presentation aids effectively
  • deliver your message with intention
  • engage your audience and establish presence
  • infuse your presentation with your personality
  • show up real, authentic, and passionate

You will also learn to connect with yourself and develop your unique voice. This is the internal development that enhances your ease with building connection, expressing yourself freely and confidently, and learning how to find and speak in your unique voice. This includes tools, exercises and knowledge on how to:

  • prepare yourself for presenting yourself and interacting with ease and confidence
  • connect with yourself to communicate your message meaningfully
  • be present and grounded to confidently and gracefully deal with all situations
  • increase your emotional and cognitive awareness
  • increase your external physical awareness
  • experience the full potential of your voice by using your vocal mechanism properly
  • improve vocal articulation, enunciation and projection
  • fill the room with your natural presence and your own kind of charisma

Presenting You

Presenting You is facilitated by Ang Ai Nee who focuses on presentation skills, attitude and etiquette and Ho Kah Keh who teaches voice work and somatic connection.

The format is 2 evening (7PM – 10PM) online sessions via Zoom and 1 full day (10AM – 5PM) in-person session. The actual format may change, in accordance with Covid precautionary measures.


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Ang Ai Nee

Ai Nee is a certified Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment Trainer, recognised by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. She has years of corporate training experience across industries such as retail, F&B, manufacturing, construction, transportation and finance.

Ai Nee has also supported individuals in their personal challenges.

An eternal optimist, Ai Nee believes everyone has choices. She is committed to working wholeheartedly to help you be the best version of yourself.

Ho Kah Keh

Kah Keh’s passion for coaching led him to work with people from all walks of life on professional and personal goals. He draws on 20 years of experience in the Management of the Arts, Event Management and Brand Development. He has worked with hospitality including high-end retail, hotels and high net worth clients.

His training and experience as a professional stage performer, along with his work as a certified TRE® Provider and interest in somatic connection, form the foundation of his voice work.

For enquiries, contact Kah Keh via email. You can register your interest in upcoming Presenting You workshops via this form.

Cancellation Policy

Participants will be fully refunded in the event that the workshop is cancelled by the organisers. Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of the start of the event dates will receive 100% refund. Cancellations made within 2 days will incur a 20% fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event will incur a 30% charge.

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice in accordance with updates to government guidelines on the Covid situation.