Reflections: The Orientation for the Enneagram and Shadow Work

When teaching the Enneagram and Shadow work we first acknowledge our Essence that is always there; but that we often forget. The Enneagram shows us how we fall asleep to our best qualities and therefore how we can remember them. It provides a framework for the 9 instinctual, psychological and higher aspects of being human. Using it to stereotype and lock ourselves in 9 different boxes is not what the Enneagram is for.

There are those parts of us that are more developed than others. There are those parts which have atrophied, which have been disowned or censored. These parts could be the source of our exuberance, depth, power, intuition, intelligence. Restoring these qualities will help us live deeper and lighter. The Enneagram is a map that helps us to navigate our complex psyche.

When applied skilfully the Enneagram illuminates those areas that could be hard to reach. It provides a structure and an orientation to help us journey deeper into what it means to be fully human. It doesn’t mean we are suddenly enlightened, but as we learn to be fully present, warts and all, we learn to live in an increasingly more balanced and authentic way.

The Enneagram:

  • Reminds us of the Essence of who we already are
  • Shows us how we are doing now in daily life
  • Unveils our hidden obstacles and resources
  • Helps us function at a more relaxed and effective way
  • Supports our development to a healthier, happier sense of self
  • Illuminates our awakened qualities and consciousness beyond our familiar sense of self

Shadow work is not all doom and gloom. It shows us the way out of our difficulties. It is even more useful when we are not experiencing difficulties, but want to simply live more vitally and more vividly. Shadow work can illuminate hidden resources that are at our disposal and unconscious programs what hold us back. This is true positivity.

nformation about The Enneagram and Shadow Work Workshop.

This is the first workshop in a 3 workshop series, The Enneagram of Shadow and Virtues

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