The Enneagram of Shadow and Virtues | Russ Hudson 2019

The Enneagram is a useful framework for understanding who we are and what we are doing here. Rather than being just a tool that boxes us in, it takes us on a journey of revelation and transformation. The Enneagram helps us to understand our challenges and realise our full potential. It shows us a better way of being.

The Enneagram unveils our shadow (Bangkok 3-5 May 2019) and helps us heal our woundedness. We learn how our woundedness is a useful part of our journey to revealing our Virtues (Taiwan 10-11 May 2019), the best of who we can be. The Heart Retreat (Taiwan 5 -19 May 2019) helps us to embody and deepen the truth of who we really are.

This series of workshops are designed for those who are interested in understanding our true nature and journeying to the realisation of the deeper depths and the higher heights of who we really are. They are useful for individuals interested in personal growth, and coaches, leaders, teachers, and parents. Knowing the Enneagram or having done prior workshops is not a prerequisite. Having some prior knowledge of the Enneagram could be an advantage to some, and a hindrance to others. Listen to Russ Hudson on the Enneagram Types here.

Unveiling | The Enneagram and Shadow Work

Unveiling The Enneagram and Shadow Work with Russ Hudson 2019 Asia
The Enneagram and Shadow Work

If we are to grow as human beings, we must see those parts of ourselves that create difficulties for us. We need to bring light to the parts of ourselves that are more hidden and yet have a big influence on our behavior. The psychologist Carl Jung called the process of finding these parts of ourselves “Shadow Work,” and as Russ Hudson points out, all psychological and spiritual growth entails shadow work.

Revealing | The Enneagram of Virtues

Qualities of the Awakened Heart
The Enneagram of Virtues

The Virtues are an embodied expression of our true nature. This program introduces the 9 Virtues, “Qualities of the Awakened Heart”. The Virtue of each type can be seen as an antidote to the core pattern of suffering. Presence with the Virtues transforms suffering and brings us to a higher and fully actualized life.

Deepening | The Heart Retreat

Deepening Enneagram and Gurdjieff work with Russ Hudson, Deborah Rose Longo and Melanie Monsour
The Heart Retreat

This retreat will focus on deepening our understanding and use of the Enneagram for personal transformation, in particular the deeper qualities of the heart. This work is not only for Types of the Heart Center. It will be an exploration of how we live from a deeper source of identity, no matter what our Enneagram Type is.

The organisers are Siewfan Wong +65 9459 8262 for Unveiling (Bangkok event) and Paul Chan +886 916 466 015 for Revealing and Deepening (Taiwan events). Chinese translations will be provided at both Taiwan events.