Sae Kani

Originally from Japan where she is currently based, Sae Kani has lived in the UK, Indonesia, East Timor, Vietnam and Nepal in the last 22 years, and continues to move through the world sharing, teaching, and being in service. She travels regularly to teach Tension & Trauma Release Exercises® for individuals, non-profits, and corporates.

Sae is a Globally Certified TRE® Provider, Certified Integral Coach, Certified Counsellor, and a consultant for international development organizations. She also studies energy work and metaphysics which complement recovery from trauma and personal development. She offers individual, couple, group, and corporate TRE® sessions and various workshops in TRE®, including Global Certification Training. She combines different modalities and skills to support people’s potential in living their lives to the fullest. Her TRE® sessions reflect her humanitarian spirit, inner peace, and joy and her intention of facilitating people’s return to wholeness.