Dr. Jian Xu from Japan founded this technique when he discovered that “lifting” the skin along certain meridian points creates space underneath the skin which promotes blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation. This boosts the immune system and rejuvenates the body on a cellular level.

What’s more, he discovered that different lifting techniques on different parts of the body can have transformational and targeted health effects.

Seifu for Health

Seifu is used to enhance our health as well as for beauty. It helps to relieve pain, reduce water retention, improve the immune system, enhances eyesight, and promotes relaxation. Seifu can be used as a complementary technique for cancer patients and for palliative care.

Seifu for Beauty

Seifu is also widely used as a beauty treatment. It helps to improve skin tone, treat acne and scars, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, and prevents skin dehydration. Many people also experience better body posture, a reduction of a double chin and a general reshaping of the face.

Practitioner: Tricia Tee