Raindrop Harmonics

Vibrational Raindrop

Raindrop Harmonics with VRT

Raindrop Harmonics classes build upon Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) and the focus on the importance of chinese energetics that underlies choice of points for VRT. It can include also the use of light/color on reflex systems of the body (auricular; hands; feet); and working with the Neuro-Endocrine Centers of the body to support in its healing and self regulation.

Frequency systems used :-
• Planetary system based on Hans Cousto’s calculations
• Sacred Solfeggio System
• Pythagorean system

Cynthia Teo practices the modality and teaches classes in them as well. She is a Certified Raindrop Harmonics Coach (CRHC) with Aromasounds USA.

Here’s what some have to say about the Raindrop Harmonics and VRT experiences
and classes:-

I had a lot of fun teaching these classes! the participants were all eager to learn, open and positive. I really enjoy them allllll! – Cynthia

“Feel relaxed and comfortable after the work”.- Belle Phang

?“I really appreciated the practical exercises. Your pace and patience really helped the learning sink in. Thank you. It was amazing how quickly the effects of the tuning fork worked on the body. So exciting! can’t wait to learn more.” – Fiona Koh

“hands-on is good experience. Will consider going for the next class”- Rebecca Tan

“Quick, effective method of self care and for healing my loved ones’ -Faith Teo

“I love the tuning fork experience. I use it on myself for working on my headaches, neck tension. Fast. I feel the difference and later in the day, the pain evaporated.’ – Gennet Song, reviewer.

Click here to learn more about Cynthia Teo. Click here to learn more about Aromasounds Singapore.

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