Certified Chios Master Teacher Course

Chios Healing Level III is the level of the Chios Master Teacher certification. In the two previous levels you have learned to sense and conduct the energy, and have also perhaps begun to sense color and use light as you heal. You have learned to sense the aura in various ways, and have also begun to work with the chakras. In all your healing work you have striven for a unity—for a holistic perception and action—as you work with the energy field using the various perceptual and healing tools you have studied thus far. As you know, every part of the human energy field, as well as energy, color, light and every healing tool you use them with, are part of a greater whole—a whole that includes your entire being and the entire being of your patient. Healing takes place, and takes its cue, from this wider realm of pure consciousness.

In this level you will work extensively with the chakra system and the higher layers of aura, using a new series of powerful techniques. The chakra system is of tremendous importance to the entire state of being of each individual—it is the connection between the individual and the realm of pure being, the place of translation between the spiritual realm and the manifested world, where the powers and essence of spirit become available and have relationship with the worldly life.

The new healing tools you will learn in this level—powerful tools that can affect and enhance the operation of the chakra system and the higher layers of aura in extraordinary ways—will give you the ability to heal defects within this energy field of your patient. You will thereby not only treat the ultimate causes of whatever disease or affliction your patient may have, but also profoundly affect both your patient’s perception and potential life experience, as a result of your patient acquiring a purer connection to the essence of him or herself and to the entire creation. Your treatment of your patient, using these powerful aura and chakra healing techniques, may thereby also enhance your patient’s entire life process, on all levels, and assist in accelerating your patient’s spiritual evolution.

Instructor: Siewfan Wong, CCMT

Pre-requisite: Level I and Level II