Chios Practitioner Certification Course

Renewal and Healing

Chios Energy Field Healing is the newest-yet perhaps one of the most comprehensive of the energy healing arts in the world today. Energy healing (aura and chakra healing) is enjoying a huge surge of popular interest throughout the world. It is based upon the belief, held by many, that illness or affliction in the body, emotion, mind and spirit has as its ultimate cause defect in the higher energy field surrounding the body. Energy healing treatments are sought by millions the world over, who believe them to be a useful complementary care for illnesses of mind and body and a useful tool to detect and prevent possible future illness. Another reason energy healing treatments are increasing dramatically in popularity is their ability to help facilitate the spiritual growth that so many seek, as well as provide generally enhanced health to body, mind and spirit.

Chios healing includes a complete, progressive series of advanced techniques in energy healing-unique to Chios-which powerfully heal the aura and chakra system. The Master-level techniques, in particular, are fundamental advances in energy healing not previously available to the healing community. Chios healing includes an integral meditation method, and additional exercises, for the development of the psychic abilities necessary for this type of healing. Also included are in-depth techniques for complementary care of serious illness. Chios is a fully integrated system of advanced techniques beyond any previously available.

This is certification course with manuals and ample hands-on practices and interactions. Upon completion of all course assignments, students will be awarded Certified Chios Practitioner Certificate (Levels l and ll) from the Chios Institute (US). The course consists of 15 hours and is spread over 5 sessions of 3 hours each. Additional practical sessions will be arranged when necessary.

Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of Chios Energy Healing System
Channeling Energy
Sensing the Energy Field
The Charkra system – its role in healing
Performing a treatment – healing the aura, working with chakras
Ways to work with specific ailments and illnesses
Chios Level l Attunement

An intermediate level, with many additional powerful healing techniques
Working with the Chios symbols
Working with energy defects
Sealing leaks and tears in different levels of the aura
Aura cleansing
Unblocking the chakras
Learning to view and use chakra colours
Correcting the energy flow
Specific healing techniques
Chios Practitioner (Level ll) Attunement

Instructor: Siewfan Wong or Colin Lee, CCMT

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