Inner Tune Therapy

Sound and vibrations have been used as a form or aid to therapy for centuries and it has enjoyed particular popularity in Tibetan and Asian cultures as an aid to meditation as well as a means of healing. In modern day use Inner Tune Therapy can be used to reduce stress and help patients recover from both physical and psychological problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Inner Tune Therapy?

Inner tune therapy uses tuning forks and singing bowls. Forks and bowls are struck and sung in particular rhythmic patterns at the beginning of a session whilst later the therapist tunes into the clients energetic field and “reads” the imbalances that are then addressed with sound.

Sound and vibration is used to alter brainwave states to promote deep relaxation by inviting the brain to move into the more relaxing frequencies of lower Alpha and Theta. The brain is stimulated to synchronize with the given frequency of the bowls and forks . The harmonic vibrations allow clients to glide into a deep relaxation and thus to let go of old patterns, blocks and frozen energies in order to gain a higher level of awareness in their life.

Inner tune therapy or singing bowl healing therapy can break pain reflexes and it can slow breathing, reduce stress, harmonize the left and right hemisphere of the brain, aid sleep and much more.

A Typical Therapy Session

The effects of a single treatment session of inner tune therapy can last for several days at a time and many patients enjoy regular treatment because it helps to keep them relaxed and balanced.

The session itself should be a deeply relaxing experience. Typically, the person is lying fully clothed on a mat and singing bowls are played all around them or on chakra points on the body. Tuning forks support the body shifting into a harmonic balance.

Clients report energy shifts during the session, altered states of awareness, deep inner peace and tranquillity and a letting go of old energies.

Since each bowl is tuned to one of the major seven chakras (energy centres in the body) singing bowls and tuning forks harmonize the chakras and therefore balance a persons physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on many levels.

Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks

The singing bowls used in Inner Tune Therapy sessions are handcrafted bowls from Nepal specifically tuned and chosen for Singing Bowl therapy. Traditional singing bowls were often made from an alloy of seven metals, including copper, tin, iron, lead, mercury, gold and silver. This blend produces these unique tones used for therapy and ritual purposes, as well as meditation.

Modern singing bowls, which are usually from Tibet, China, or India, can be made from copper or a variety of other metals but are less likely to include precious metals. The bowls may have religious or spiritual depictions, prayers, or mantras carved on them.

Tuning Forks create powerful sound frequencies; these vibrations can influence our tissues, and reach deep within the cells, releasing cellular memories that contain deeply buried life traumas and negative memories.

Becoming A Singing Bowl Practitioner

Following successful training, anybody can become an singing bowl therapy practitioner but a true master will continue to learn and develop their art over a lifetime. Patients benefit through reduced stress and the reduction of physical and emotional illness. Training to be a singing bowl therapist means that you can help others to relax, de-stress, and improve their physical well being.


Practitioner: Antoinette Biehlmeier