Rolfing® Structural Integration

What is ROLFING® Structural Integration?

ROLFING is a whole-body approach to well-being that achieves its remarkable results through a methodical process of soft-tissue manipulation and movement re-education designed to rebalance structural misalignments in the body.

Poor posture, old injuries, emotional stress and aging, often result in an unbalanced body that has lost its architectural integrity. This imbalance can be experienced as pain, stress, and a lack of energy.

ROLFING has the potential to dramatically alter your structure and posture, establishing optimum change by working with you to free your body from years of compensative behaviour and habitual patterns, releasing tension and alleviating pain.

Common Reported Benefits of ROLFING:

* Decreased Pain, Stress and Tension

* Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion

* Improved Balance, Coordination and Overall Athletic Performance

* Better Posture; Standing and Sitting Taller

* Higher Energy Levels, Less Easily Tired Out

* Greater Overall Awareness of Body, Mind and Heart

Our Rolfing Practitioner: Charmaine Chua