Corporate Training & Executive Coaching

Every leader is a unique individual with different sets of knowledge, skills and personality. Above all, each leader lives in his or her unique leadership situation. The challenges and aspirations are therefore very personal. Our coach helps you to raise your game just like great sportsmen need a great coach to bring them to higher performance level.

Some key benefits of our coaching:

Access personal excellence
Self awareness pertaining to leadership styles
Communication “blind spots”
Clarity of personal and corporate goals
Alignment of personal values and corporate values
Change beliefs that are hindering pathway to success.
Developing new beliefs to empower and motivate self to achieve more
Developing “executive presence”

Each coaching program is driven largely by the executive agenda. It is a process of “co-creation” in the executive journey towards being highly effective in his role. NLP-Coach goes beyond the cognitive process. It engages the deeper intelligence of the executive that resides in behavioral patterns that are below the awareness of his conscious mind. In addition, the “Coaching-Modeling Loop” approach brings out the Personal Excellence of the executive.

Our Coaches

Simon Wong
Simon Wong brings with him a colorful fabric of experience gained from nineteen years of commercial exposure within Asia. During these nineteen years he held positions of Regional Manager and Managing Director of US and European global corporate. From China to Hong Kong and all the way to Indonesia he was constantly competing to gain market share and at the same time developing strong and collaborative relationship with channels and customers.

Siewfan Wong
Siewfan is the founder of DeepDive Coaching. Siewfan’s professional background is in the hospitality IT industry, specializing in business applications strategy and Customer Relationship Management. She has an MBA from Institute of Management Development (IMD), Switzerland; and a B.A. from Michigan State University, USA. After living and working in the US, China, Malaysia and Switzerland, she decided to step off the corporate ladder in 2003, and turned her attention to alternative healing and personal development.

Ho Kah Keh
Kah Keh’s passion for coaching led him to work with developing leaders on a volunteer basis for over six years. Working with a premier transformational leadership company, he had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life coaching them on professional and personal goals over extended periods of time.