DeepDive Coaching

Dive Deep to Ascend to Clarity


Are you Struggling on the Corporate Ladder? Hitting a Wall? Moving to another Sandbox?

Or are you going from Executive to Entrepreneur? Hotshot to Healer? Descending into the Inferno, waking up in the Long Dark Night of the Soul?

DeepDive Coaching is specially designed for those who are going through life’s difficult transitions: mid-career moves, mid-life awakening, turning the corner on a decade. It puts simplicity and sovereignty over your life back in your hands; align your life’s strategy so that it is entirely CONGRUENT with your deepest values. We address the physical, instinctual, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic parts of your being – i.e., the totality of who you are. If you think that DeepDive Coaching comprises different somatic-emotional-spiritual modalities linked together with quantum science and philosophy, you are partially right. The other elements are the insights, frameworks, methodologies of the collective wisdom of the IMD International, Switzerland faculty and it’s signature Program for Executive Development and Executive MBA. These include Real Learning from Real World Business-Thought Leaders from today’s top-performing companies.

DeepDive Coaching:

IMD frameworks on Executive Development (Psychological, Entrepreneurial, Career Strategy, etc.)
DeepDive Enneagram
DeepDive EFT
NLP & New Code NLP
The Work of Byron Katie
Transpersonal Psychology
Energy & Karmic-Level Clearing

DeepDive Coaching is meant for those who want authenticity in all dimensions of their lives: their Careers, Relationships, Health, Abundance, Spirituality.


Our DeepDive Coach: Siewfan Wong