DeepDive EFT

Quietly Ready
Waiting to Unfold

The term DeepDive refers to a deep exploration of the psyche. DeepDive modalities are geared towards taking a client through life transitions and difficulties, towards the realization of the ESSENTIAL self or liberated self (level 1 in the language of the Enneagram). It entails working through shadow issues and integrating into the TRUE self. While EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an energy psychology technique that can be used for phobias, trauma, addiction, compulsive behaviours etc., it can also be integrated into DeepDive coaching to quickly release any values, beliefs and energy blocks that are no longer helpful to the client.

EFT is especially suited to bring out psychological reversals or conflicting values and beliefs that block healing. It is also used in working on Enneagram issues like the Basic Fear, Basic Desire, Super-ego messages etc. For EFT Tapping, please search the posts (Tag Cloud or Categories)  of this site for each specific Enneagram Type or specific issues.

DeepDive EFT Workshop
This EFT workshop is for new comers who want to work on themselves, as well as those who have some previous experience of EFT, kinesiology or other Energy Psychology techniques. Many of you are already familiar with Basic EFT, either because you have some experience with me or other EFT practitioners. May be you have done some self-studying with Gary Craig’s excellent DVDs or downloaded his 79-page Manual. So we will not spend too much time on the basics. Rather we will try other interesting variations including the
Various Aspects Technique
Image Management
Anchoring Positive Mind States
Affirmation Tapping
Enneagram Personality Types
and other tips and techniques from other healing fields.

Our DeepDive EFT Practitioner and Teacher: Siewfan Wong