DeepDive Enneagram

The Enneagram is a map that helps us understand the structure of our personality, our ego and our super-ego. It helps us to answer the question “who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”.  Many coaches, corporate trainers and self-development teachers use the Enneagram to profile or type people, and while the Enneagram can accurately do that, that is not the best use of it.

The Enneagram helps us liberate ourselves, in that it helps us understand what it is that keeps us imprisoned by our programmed knee-jerk reactions, the repeated patterns of our familiar selves.

There are 2 different but related aspects of the Enneagram. What we are more familiar with is the Enneagram of the personality or psychology. This has to do with the characteristic mental, emotional and behavioral patterns of our familiar selves. These are patterns germinated in our pre-personal and personal psychological history.  This is the Enneagram of the Nine Types: Enneagram Institute.

Listen to Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute speak about the Nine Types

Less well understood, but infinitely more powerful is the Enneagram of spirituality. Especially for those who are already on the spiritual path,  seeking a higher purpose or a deeper meaning. This is the Enneagram of getting back to the essence of who we are, not by mystical experiences, but by fully inhabiting our bodies in the PRESENT MOMENT. So that we are fully experiencing our emotions and our reality. We resist nothing, grasp nothing but allow reality to unfold.

The term DeepDive refers to the whole journey of waking up from our habitual selves to our true selves. It is a deep exploration that entails the full participation of the individual who wants to taste reality. The Enneagram is our framework and our guide.

Our DeepDive Enneagram Practitioner and teacher: Siewfan Wong