Testimonals: Breakthroughs

I cannot thank Siewfan enough for how she has helped me achieve some amazing breakthroughs. She is one of the rare few I know who is able to deal with issues effectively on a mind-body-spirit level.  Her diagnosis is often on-target.  She helps me get to my root issues with persistence.  Best of all, she is a therapist with great empathy and compassion.  I feel safe and secure that I am in good hands, whenever I see her for a consultation.  I highly recommend her services!

Evelyn Lim, Writer, Blogger, Life Coach and Mom

Testimonial: Fast Healing, Valuable Insights

“Siewfan is an amazingly intuitive therapist. She has helped me at a time when I felt overwhelmed by all the conditioning, emotions, physical sensations and hundreds of life’s questions. With her spot on work I am now able to accept myself, deal with stressful situations more balanced and started to really appreciate myself as the wonderful being I am. If you want to start unraveling yourself, peeling all the layers off to find the real you I can wholeheartedly recommend Siewfan to work with. I always look forward to each session I have with her, not only because I know that I will leave feeling settled and whole but also because her methods are so fast, addressing all levels of your being and always good for new, valuable insights.”  Tanya, Healing Practitioner.