Testimonial: Siewfan does not tell you what you want to hear

24 April 2010

Siewfan does not tell you what you want to hear.

She dives into your issues,
to put you back in touch with who you really need to listen to –
the voice in the deepest part of you.

Firm, compassionate, tenaciously thorough, she helps you identify the root causes of your physical, emotional, psychological symptoms and conditions.
Sharing generously of her expertise and experience, she equips you with a powerful arsenal of tools to enable you to take charge of your process.

Her unique multi-dimensional approach to healing on every level works.
This is my testament.

I have spent years strait-jacket by my limiting beliefs,
sleep-walking through an existence.
I have skated the surface of my problems,
ran from one treatment to the next, one health care provider to another.

Sessions with Siewfan changed that.

She has put me in a position to dig deep,
to unlock my inner wisdom,
and to acknowledge and accept the power and beauty of my true being.

Now, I am free to be me. Laughing, loving, learning, I choose to live full, live deep.


Legal counsel.

Testimonial: Blossoming of Romance

“I met Siewfan to solve a personal issue which was affecting my relationship. Only after meeting her did I realise that the roots of the personal issues were much deep within my personality, upbringing and the societal norms. By working with her, one step at a time – I was able to see past all the layers and reach the core and solve it. And within 2 weeks my relationship blossomed.

After that I have seen her for my spiritual development and each time it has immensely helped me. She was able to connect with my guides effortlessly and point me in the right direction of a major milestone of my life. Had it not been done, I would have taken a very wrong path. But thanks to her, I got the warnings before hand.

Now she has become an integral part of my spiritual development process and I thank my lucky stars that I was brought to her” Rahul Jain, Entrepreneur

Testimonial: EFT and Breastfeeding

Sharon came in with an anxiety about being pregnant when she had chronic health issues. She also had a background mother issue and was visibly distressed about not having support for the natural way she wanted to heal and live, and to raise her new born baby. We used EFT and the Enneagram framework, with some energy work as needed.

“Initially I went to Siew Fan when I was two months pregnant to deal with my anxiety problem. After my delivery, I continue to see her to deal with unresolved parental issue, fear and I am really surprised that she can even help me with breastfeeding.

Each session lasts between ½ to 2 hours and it takes about 8 sessions over a year for my case.

She uses Emotional Freedom technique and she just has the perfect sentences for my tapping.  She understands me without much talking on my part.

As a first time mom, I was really stress out about breastfeeding.  Now I am more relaxed, feel confident, not over-sensitive and able to think positively in response to all the negative comments made by others about breastfeeding and other issues.

The EFT technique and energy healing has immediate effect and is very effective.  I always feel better after each session.

I highly recommend Siew Fan to anyone who wants to get better.”

Sharon, First Time Mom

Testimonial: Rosa, Emotional Blocks

Siewfan has been nothing but generous, supportive and kind through out my healing process. In times when my journey has been bumpy she has not only helped me deal with it but has given me tools that have empowered me towards my own personal healing. EFT was one of them.

I have been successfully using EFT to work on many of my deep emotional blocks. Some of these blocks which I struggled for years, like my unhealthy relationship with food, is now struggle of the past.

I always look forward to my sessions with her because I know that deep healing will take place. Through these sessions she can be a sister, a mother and or a friend who I can count on always being firm, honest yet loving.

I consider Siewfan to be a blessing and an inspiration.

Rosah Lopes

Testimonial: Dr. Sundardas D Annamalay

Siewfan is a brilliant, insightful and compassionate practitioner of Energy Psychology. She is tenacious when going after the roots of a problem. Sympathetic and in the moment when she needs to be. Her ability to interact with people of different cultural frameworks is exceptional. I have no hesitation recommending clients to her.”

Dr. Sundardas D Annamalay, ND, PhD, MD(MA)

Professor, Naturopathic Medicine (YCW)