Terry McCarthy

Terry is the originator of McCarthy Muscle Restoration Therapy, perfected through giving thousands of treatments.

Our pain is a result of misusing our bodies, mainly through bad posture, but also from the twists and strains we suffer as part of normal living. When we strain and injure ourselves, we ignore and over-ride the “factory settings” we were born with that dictate correct postural, growth and muscular functions. This leads to back, neck and joint pain.

He believes ageing is a handy excuse for anyone who can’t explain what’s wrong with you. How many times are we told to expect back, neck and joint pain as we get older?  Of course, we all have to grow old but we don’t have to be old and sick at the same time. We want to enjoy retirement, to travel and play with our grandchildren without back, neck and joint pain.

Using just one finger, Terry restores muscles to their “factory settings” to give safe, gentle relief from pain. This allows the body to heal itself. Massage is not a part of the treatment. There is also no manipulation, cracking or crunching. Terry was also trained in Dorn Therapy by Barbara Simon, who studied in Germany under Dieter Dorn himself. As well as being a Dorn Therapist, Terry also uses a range of other natural hands-on therapies.

Based in Malaysia, Terry regularly visits Singapore to give treatments, introductory classes and workshops.