Tricia Tee

Tricia Tee is a certified Seifu practitioner and instructor. She has helped people with cancer, diabetes, insomnia, and injury find relief. She has witnessed how Seifu is a gift, whether to relieve pain, to increase mobility, or to ease someone’s transition. Having learned from Japanese instructors, Tricia is passionate about offering Seifu in Singapore.

I’ve seen Seifu give stroke patients their mobility back. I’ve seen Seifu turn agonising pain into gentleness. Seifu gives you energy and curbs stress.

Seifu therapy not only works as natural pain relief, but works with the body to relieve tension and disease. It’s even used as a form of weight loss and anti-aging.

Seifu, if you are unfamiliar with it, looks like massage, although in reality is the opposite. Rather than rubbing or kneading, when performing Seifu, we lift the skin and work with meridian points and fascia to propel the body into powerful self-healing.



Seifu is a Japanese healing technique that is practiced by doctors and health practitioners in Japan to relieve pain and support those with chronic illness to enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr. Jian Xu from Japan founded this technique when he discovered that “lifting” the skin along certain meridian points creates space underneath the skin which promotes blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation. This boosts the immune system and rejuvenates the body on a cellular level.

Seifu has many benefits and practitioners offer sessions to enhance health as well as as a beauty treatment.

Seifu for Deep Relaxation

This specialized session brings deep relaxation by working on the meridian points in the entire body. The harmonisation of Qi of life force energy promotes self-healing, stress relief, and restoration of calm and balance. This is especially beneficial for people with jet lag, chronic tiredness, muscle ache, joint pain, migraines and tension headaches.

Seifu Therapy for Deep Relaxation (60 minutes) $130

Seifu for Women’s Wellness

The restorative and healing powers of Seifu focus on the feminine aspects of the body that are often neglected in the modern world. Whatever your role as a modern woman, you face many expectations while juggling multiple responsibilities. Combined with a special blend of aromatherapy oils created by Tricia, Seifu for Women’s Wellness supports the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate. This specialised session is beneficial for women experiencing bloating, cramps, poor blood circulation, anxiety, stress and irregular menses.

Seifu Therapy for Women’s Wellness (75 minutes) $170

To book a Seifu session with Tricia Tee, please contact Kah Keh at or at +65 9679-3706.

I recommended Tricia as my friend was suffering from end-stage cancer and was under constant pain,  and I felt that Seifu could relieve that. After the first session, I asked my friend how she felt and she said felt better. She was keen to have a second session with Tricia within the next week, so I knew Tricia’s treatment helped her with relieving the pain and discomfort which she felt.

Tricia is very dedicated about giving Seifu treatment to the highest degree. She goes above and beyond, like in this case, making visits to the hospital to administer Seifu treatment with very little notice. What I experienced was that my friend felt comforted and it relieved her of her pain. My friend was initially feeling discomfort and pain, and at the end of the session, she was more relaxed and comfortable.