Practitioner Insight: More than One Session?

Lymphatic Drainage & CNT Pla Neuman April 2019

We all want to feel instantly better. That’s definitely possible. The relief that comes from a massage, the gentle touch of craniosacral therapy, or an adjustment. Ah.

The thing is most of us don’t seek treatment until we are in pain, when our systems are quite out of balance. This is not something that’s happened overnight. Years of poor diet, incomplete digestion, suppression of emotion, or self-sabotage brought us to the point of calling for help.

By the time we are sitting in a therapist’s chair or on the massage table, we may be in unbearable pain, frustrated, angry even. Vulnerable. So when a practitioner prescribes us a series of sessions, we may be skeptical.

For the most part, practitioners do what they do because they truly believe they can help others feel better, healthier, happier. From experience they may know approximately how many sessions it may take for a major shift. Maybe they have a protocol.

In April we are welcoming back to Gallery Helios Pla Neuman. She offers Chi Nei Tsang, Biodynamical Craniosacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage. Mostly, her sessions are customized, according to what comes up for the client. She starts with either Chi Nei Tsang or Lymphatic Drainage to address the symptoms. Then she goes deeper to access the client’s system with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The body then shows her other areas that require attention.

Pla’s found over the years that the body unwinds and balances much easier this way. This is not an instant event; rather, an unfolding.

Somatic Therapy Practitioner Richard Neuman explains to Siewfan Wong with an example how a series of sessions is often necessary. This is one of Pla’s clients.

This gentleman had an early history as a teen and young adult of stomach ulceration and repeated problems that led to a lifetime of digestive challenges. He came to Pla as a Chi Nei Tsang resource. As she worked with him, she was telling him that the scar tissue itself was in layers, interwoven and to work on it required a gentle repeated action. You can’t begin to go through all the various layers and the inappropriately linked fibre structures in one session. You want to work it gently, one layer at a time.

A series of sessions helps resolve a client’s health challenge because there are different layers – physical, emotional, and even spiritual – to address.

What kind of health challenges has Pla worked on?

Many of her clients have emotional struggles. These can result in blockages in the lower abdomen, which can feel hard to the touch. Other parts of the body can also be affected. This may be the sacrum, the sacroiliac joint, or the hips. Poor circulation is not uncommon.

Other issues her female clients have include fibroids. The fascia around the abdomen becomes so tight, resulting in poor digestion, bloating, compromised circulation of blood and chi.

I work on the skin layer. Someone with a lot of toxicity and poor circulation means the toxin is not moving anywhere and the area becomes stagnated. The tissues become bumpy. I work on that just to move it around, to get it into the bloodstream so that the body can detoxify itself. Also I work on the gut. There is a lot of stuff in the gut. It will help to improve the bowel movements.

Many of her male clients come for detoxification. They may have issues with digestion, with a bloated stomach. It can be from so many factors, such as inappropriate food and emotion. They also have a lot of tension, likely from stress and emotional issues.

Pla shares that Chi Nei Tsang is one of the key treatments for detox.

When you work on a person, you don’t only work on the physical layer, you also go deeper into the emotional and spiritual levels. For me, treating the person as a whole unit gives great results. That’s why I combine it with other modalities, to get into the deeper layers.

Both Pla and Ricardo Neuman will be at Gallery Helios from 19 to 29 April. Book online via the QR Code. For questions please contact Siewfan at or text/Whatsapp +65 9459-8262.

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